Boxing Explained: How Much MMA Fighters Make & How They Are Paid

How much MMA fighters make? Everything you need to find will be in this article. Let’s check together.

MMA is an increasingly popular sport in the world today, as evidenced by the fact that UFC and its fighters have increasingly appeared in recent years. Therefore, many people wonder how much MMA fighters make.

The reality is that MMA is a notoriously tricky profession. Fighters have to train hard from a young age; they have to fight often and, of course, get injured very often. However, in reality, they don’t make as much money as you think, even in the UFC.

The following post will help you answer your question with a detailed breakdown of the levels that an MMA fighter can earn.

How Much Do MMA Fighters Make?

An experienced MMA fighter will be paid an average of $84,044 per fight. While a prelims MMA fighter will be paid a minimum of $10,000 per fight. As for the more well-known names, you can earn up to $100,000 by featuring on the main card or even up to $500,000 or more if they become the headliner or title fight.

Some MMA fighters can live comfortably, earning an average of $100,000 a year. However, most fighters often don’t make as much as they might be paid competing in these brutal UFC.

Many MMA fighters have to work part-time jobs to earn extra income, while many others can rely entirely on sponsorships from companies to continue their competitive career.

How Are MMA Fighters Getting Paid From UFC?

In the past, MMA fighters mainly earned from fights. However, their source of income has changed a lot in recent years. The main reason is that the popularity of MMA is increasing globally, so UFC fighters are also more and more known, from which they can generate more revenue for themselves.

One of the sources of revenue that martial arts have is their reputation, which has attracted many sponsors and promotional products. Later on, this source of income becomes the primary salary they earn.

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Here are some ways an MMA fighter in the UFC can make a living:

Earning Per Actual Fight

MMA fighters make their money primarily from the UFC’s salaries when they compete. Each fighter will sign a contract for a certain number of matches that they will participate in, and they will earn an amount of money as in the agreement after each fight.

Each fighter’s payouts after each fight will range from $10,000 to $3,000,000. Bonuses for fights can be divided into three categories based on the fighters’ contract with the UFC. However, there are many exceptions, and the payments they receive are outside that range.

Lowest Tier

Fighters at the lowest tier can earn anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 per fight. This is usually the amount that new fighters can receive after signing with the UFC.

Middle Tier

The average fighters are mostly those who have won a few previous wins, are independent in the Octagon, or are the frontrunners in the match, which usually get better payouts (from $80,000 to $250,000 per fight).

How Much MMA Fighters Make

The payouts also depend on the popularity of the fighter and their recent results. From there, the bonuses they earn for each match can range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Highest Tier

These are UFC and famous fighters with substantial fan bases. The average amount they can earn per match ranges from $500,000 to $3,000,000. Depending on the popularity and viewership they come to the UFC, they can make even more.

UFC Bonus

In addition to the salary received after each match, fighters can also earn more with the following types of bonuses:

Fight Win Bonus

If a fighter wins the fight, they will receive double the amount they are guaranteed for the fights. So, to better understand, we will explain a little bit, if a fighter gets paid $50,000 for a fight, if they win, they will get an extra $50,000 (total tuition received is $100,000).

However, the winning bonus that fighters can receive is only available in the lowest or middle-class contracts.

Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night

The UFC also offers prizes for the two best and most exciting fighters of the night worth up to $50,000. In addition, the two best fighters in the event also received a $50,000 bonus.

PPV Bonuses

PPV (pay per view) is one of the most significant UFC events. To watch PPV events, viewers need to pay (approximately $65). These events will feature matches between the most prominent MMA stars and Championship matches.


In 2021, the UFC signed an agreement with Venum. The agreement’s content requires fighters to wear exclusive UFC equipment during their matches to receive Venum sponsorship after each of their fights.

Below is the agreement of UFC and Venum

  • 1-3 fights: $4000
  • 4-5 fights: $4,500
  • 6-10 fights: $6,000
  • 11-15 fights: $11,000
  • 16-20 fights: $16,000
  • 21 fights or more: $21,000 per match
  • Fighters challenging for the UFC title will get $32,000 for that fight
  • Champion fighters will receive $42,000 per fight


As MMA fighters become more and more popular and have a solid fan base on social networks, they will receive product advertising contracts and profits.

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The Bottom Line

In addition to the primary sources of income mentioned above, MMA fighters also have many other ways to make a living. In general, how much they are paid depends a lot on their reputation. When a fighter is famous and has a high following, there are sure to be handsome contracts.

By now, hopefully, you have been able to answer the question “How much MMA fighters make?” and don’t forget to visit us for more exciting information.

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