MMA Matters: How Long Do MMA Fights Last?

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If you are not a longtime fan of MMA fights, you probably do not know how long a fight lasts. Watching them on TV, you might be engrossed in the combat and lose track of how long a fight is. So, today’s article will help you answer, “How long do MMA fights last?” We will … Read more

Can Boxing Cause Parkinson’s Disease? (Explained For Newbies)

Can Boxing Cause Parkinson’s Disease

Can boxing cause Parkinson disease? Those who want to choose boxing as a leisure pursuit are often concerned about its impacts on their physical well-being. To be specific, its potential risk associated with Parkinson’s disease has generated a great deal of controversy and anxiety among future boxers.  But don’t worry! In this insightful article, we’ll … Read more

What Does A Boxing Manager Do? (4 Main Responsibilities)

What Does A Boxing Manager Do

Hence, the question “what does a boxing manager do?” also appeals to most people. This article will provide information about this position, along with the necessary skills of a boxing manager. What Does A Boxing Manager Do? In general, a boxing manager is responsible for various tasks, most of which include overseeing the entire training … Read more

Punching Powerhouse: Unveiling What Muscles Does Boxing Work

what muscles does boxing work

Introduction Let’s step into the ring of knowledge as we unravel the anatomy of boxing. Beyond the explosive punches and swift footwork, understanding the muscles engaged in boxing unveils the sport’s transformative impact.  Join us on a journey to dissect the powerhouse behind every jab, hook, and defensive maneuver. Whether you are a boxing enthusiast … Read more

Does Poker Actually Help Boxers?

Over the course of history some of the most well-known names in world boxing and mixed martial arts have taken to the table. Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, David Haye and Conor McGregor are well known to enjoy this much more sedentary game. What is really notable, is that all these names have all been world … Read more