Do MMA Fighters Wrap Their Hands? (Detailed Explanation)

Do MMA fighters wrap their hands? If this question is your main concern, find the answer and some helpful information in the post below.

Chances are at some point when you watch a martial art movie, you would see the fighters wrap their hands underneath the gloves at the beginning of the match. Hence, you would also wonder: “Do MMA fighters wrap their hands?”. Worry not. This post will reveal the desirable answer and some relevant information. So don’t miss out!

Do MMA Fighters Wrap Their Hands?

Yes, most MMA fighters wear hand wraps to protect hands and wrist during practice or when hitting the heavy bag to prevent unwanted injuries. However, hand wraps are not required, so some fighters might avoid or choose not to use them.

Hand wraps can be re-used several times, don’t require effort or time to use, but still provide superb protection and shock absorption to the hands. Therefore, MMA beginners can utilize hand wraps during combat.

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Why Do MMA Fighters Wrap Their Hands?

There are 2 reasons why hand wraps are vital for MMA fighters.

Firstly, they can prevent injuries, particularly boxer’s fracture, during the training sessions. A boxer’s fracture is a term for impaction injury in the neck of the 5th metacarpal bones (small and delicate bones found inside the hand). Although the term is well-known for injury of inexperienced boxers, all martial arts fighters can suffer from the boxer’s fracture.

Hence, when the hands are wrapped, the metacarpals are kept in place to minimize the risks of accidentally breaking those bones. Furthermore, as the wrists are wrapped, they keep the whole hand straight inside the glove, which prevents MMA fighters from causing injury to their wrists.

Secondly, hand wraps are effective at boosting the punching power. This is because hand and wrist wraps compress the bones and tissues in hand. This allows fighters to form a tighter fist, thus hitting with exceptional force to opponents and minor hurt for themselves.

Are Hand Wraps Or Gloves Better?

Gloves or wraps alone can only provide a part of total hand protection. Therefore, it is advised to wear hand wraps inside gloves, especially if fighters are beginner-level. The gloves and wraps provide extra cushioning for high-impact punches and maximum protection. Additionally, hand wraps and gloves combination allow fighters to fight with additional support and stability to the wrists, thus reducing the chance of injury.

How Do MMA Fighters Wrap Their Hands?

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Those who are new to MMA can practice wrapping their hands with ease, following several simple steps as below:

  • Spread the fingers out widely to avoid wrapping the hand too tightly.
  • Put the loop on the thumb, then bring the band over the hand’s back.
  • Wrap the wrist and lower forearm 3 times. Keep the hand, wrist, and forearm straight when wrapping.
  • Run the wrap over the palm, then make 4 more passes around the knuckles.
  • Pass the wrap through the fingers, between the pinky and ring fingers.
  • Close hand into a fist when bringing the band back to the wrist.
  • Open the hand, take the wrap over the palm, and through the thumb and index finger. 
  • Spread the fingers and cover the knuckles twice.
  • Finish by wrapping the wrist and securing the strap at the end of the wrap.
  • Repeat with another hand. 

After done, hand wraps can be rolled up for the next training session. 

Check out this video if you are still confused about using hand wraps.


  • The wrap is applied tightly to stabilize the knuckles and wrist but is comfortable closing and opening the fist freely.
  • The wrap should not be too constricting so as not to cut off circulation.
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Can Hand Wraps Be Washed?

Yes, they can be easily washed. To do this, simply put the wraps in a garment bag, then wash them in the washing machine. Or prepare a bath and soak them in soapy water for 2 or 3 hours. After the wash cycle, let the wraps dry in the dryer or air-dry.

It’s recommended to wash and disinfect the wraps after every use to avoid bacteria growth. Otherwise, they should be washed at least every 3-5 uses.

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How Long Do Hand Wraps Last?

In general, hand wraps can last around 6-12 months with regular training and washing. However, they are suggested to be replaced every 4-5 months depending on the use frequency. In case they show signs of snags and tears, change them immediately.


Hopefully, this post has provided you with a satisfying answer for the question: “Do MMA fighters wrap their hands?”. In short, MMA fighters wrap their hands for protection purposes. However, they are free to use hand wraps or bare hands during the workout.

Also, remember to wash hand wraps and store them properly to prevent possible bacteria and prolong their use with time.

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