Can Boxing Cause Brain Damage? (Answered In Detail)

Can Boxing Cause Brain Damage

Boxing is a martial art that has become increasingly attractive worldwide because of its competitive nature. However, statistics show that there are boxers with different severity of injuries every year, which may sound frightening to some people. Usually, our upper body is the part that is mainly exposed when fighting, explaining why people have been … Read more

Are There Any Boxing Glove Alternatives? Can You Punch Without A Pair Of Gloves?

Boxing Glove Alternatives

Not everyone loving boxing can purchase a high-quality pair of gloves or want to use them during their training. Therefore, one of the most popular topics among boxers is about boxing glove alternatives for effective hand protection without the traditional gloves. If you are also interested in other options to replace boxing gloves for your … Read more

Boxing Bag Alternatives For Your Practices!

boxing bag alt 1

Boxing bags are and have always been a great cardio exercise, especially fitting for those who play the sport. But if you can’t have a punching bag in your home because of spatial limitations or simply because it’s too hard to install, here is a list of boxing bag alternatives for you! What Boxing Bag … Read more