Are There Any Boxing Glove Alternatives? Can You Punch Without A Pair Of Gloves?

Not everyone loving boxing can purchase a high-quality pair of gloves or want to use them during their training. Therefore, one of the most popular topics among boxers is about boxing glove alternatives for effective hand protection without the traditional gloves.

If you are also interested in other options to replace boxing gloves for your fights and training, this article will give you the best results. 

What Are The Best Answers To The Questions About The Boxing Glove Alternatives?

When engaging in martial arts or boxing, athletes need to use their hands to perform most of their moves. As a result, this body part has lots of exposure during training and competitions. 

However, the bone structure in human hands is very fragile and delicate, so every fighter has to protect their hands at all costs for their health and boxing career.

If you don’t want to use boxing gloves, this article will show you the best alternatives. So, read carefully to find a suitable gadget for yourself, for example boxing glove wraps, boxing hand wraps, or bare-knuckle boxing training.

Boxing Glove Wraps

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Boxing Gloves Wraps


There is a similarity between boxing glove wraps and boxing gloves since manufacturers also design the wraps with pads inside them. The missions of these pads are to support you perform moves and techniques and absorb your blows’ shock to protect your hand from severe injuries. Moreover, boxing glove wraps are reusable and will give you lots of convenience for the maintenance procedure. 

You can easily put on these gadgets as they are very compact and have a hand shape, yet some models may not allow you to customize your personal preferences or hands’ size. 

In terms of the design, you need to carefully choose a suitable model for your hands as some versions are fingerless and can’t protect each of your fingers. Although these wraps can absorb the strength from your fist, they are not quite ideal for hard punches and intense fights.

Boxing Hand Wraps

boxing hand wrap

Boxing Hand Wraps

During your fights, you can support and protect your hands by using boxing hand wraps. They are long fabric pieces and typically have a Velcro closure system, so it’s very easy to keep them on. To use hand wraps, you need to tie them around from each finger to your wrist and palm. 

On the other hand, it’s quite important to know how to tie this gadget properly as you will gain more advantages and maximum efficiency from the wraps’ support. Simultaneously, boxing hand wraps will be the shield for your knuckles, wrists, and each finger against terrible injuries. 

As this tool is reusable, you need to clean it regularly to prevent bad odor and microbial accumulation. In terms of wrapping techniques, there are tons of them you can find on the Internet. As a beginner, you can try the famous one – “figure 8 wrap”. 

Bare-knuckle Boxing Training

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Bare-Knuckle Techniques

Realistically, this option is not ideal for all boxers as it’s good to protect your hands all the time by using boxing gloves or wraps. Moreover, bare-knuckle training can’t help fighters increase their fists and punches’ strength. 

That’s why we advise you not to try this method unless you are at a high level with experience and advanced techniques to hit properly. 

Apart from potential risks, getting used to bare-knuckle training would be very useful when you need to defend yourself unexpectedly.

The best program is to train your hands with heavy bags only a few times per month. Besides, practicing with bare hands is still quite dangerous, so you need to start slowly. For example, when punching heavy bags, keep in mind to hit with less than fifty percent of your normal power. 


1. Can you punch without a pair of gloves?

Technically, you can punch without wearing proper boxing gloves. That said, it is much better if you can manage to put on gloves, or at least some kinds of boxing glove alternatives.

Not only do they help to protect your skin and knuckles, but they can also help to reduce the impact of the punches you get.

2. Are punches harder with or without gloves?

Punches are harder with gloves on. This is because boxing gloves and other alternatives are designed to spread the impact force all over the surface. Thus, getting punched by wrapped or gloved will be much more comfortable.


And now you know about the three most popular boxing glove alternatives through our post. Hopefully, from our information, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each gadget and the “bare hand” method we mentioned. Now it’s time for you to choose something else to practice and protect your hands apart from the standard boxing gloves.

Good luck!

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