Boxing Basics: Why Do My Hands Shake After Boxing?

Boxing is a rough combat sport. If you have watched boxing tournaments on TV, you would know that it is a sport that entails a lot of injuries. However, aside from the visible cuts and bruises, there are other physical consequences that boxers may encounter. If you intend to become a boxer or are already a beginner boxer, you will want to be acquainted with the likely effects of boxing, like shaky hands. 

So, a question that commonly arises is, “Why do my hands shake after boxing?” We will answer this question and provide relevant information on this matter for you in this article. Make sure you read everything thoroughly! 

Why Do My Hands Shake After Boxing? 

There is actually more than one answer to this question. A few culprits can be behind your hands shaking after boxing training. The two main reasons are (1) muscle exhaustion and (2) inadequate or improper diet. 

You can find more details of this summarized answer down below. 

Detailed Reasons For Shaky Hands After Boxing 

Muscle Exhaustion 

As implied in the term “muscle exhaustion”, your muscles are tired and worn out after having to move and stress intensely and continuously while boxing. Boxing involves a lot of punching, jabbing, and in general, movements. 

Your muscle receives signals from the brain to direct the motor neurons in your muscles to move by contracting and lengthening. 

Like machines that work hard for long periods, your muscles will become tired. They are fatigued and will no longer work as effectively. As a result, your hands become shaky and jerky. 

Muscle exhaustion happens on two occasions: when you are going too hard and when you are getting back to it after a while. Improper wearing of equipment and incorrect technique can also contribute to muscle exhaustion. 

  • When You Are Going Too Hard 

Going back to the machine analogy, when you over-work or push a machine into overdrive, it will easily falter and break down. After overly intense boxing, you will push your muscles to exhaustion, which results in tremors causing shaking. 

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This happens a lot when you are hitting a punching bag over and over and trying too hard every time. Most beginners make this mistake. Assuming that the harder the punches, the better—is a no-no. 

It is best to mix and alternate. Punch hard, then jab lightly, hook, harder jab, light jab again, strong cross, etc. It is also important to coordinate your footwork to ease the constant pressure/burden off your hands. 

  • When You Are Getting Back To It After A While 

If you have stopped boxing for a while and are getting back to it, it is very easy to stress your muscles and encounter shaky hands after boxing. You need to give your body time to readjust and get used to the intense movements. 

Therefore, it is very crucial that you ease back into it gradually. Do not expect to perform the hardest and most intense boxing sessions on the first day back. You should be patient but consistent. Up the training interval day by day or week by week. It should get better, and the shaking should level off after a while. 

  • Improper Wearing of Equipment 

Your muscle can also be exhausted when you wrap your hands improperly. Your hand wraps should not be too tight as they will restrict blood flow and circulation, which hinders your muscles and causes your hands to shake after boxing. Choose the right beginner boxing gloves to be able to practice most easily

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  • Incorrect Technique 

if you are boxing incorrectly, you quickly tire out your muscles and get fatigued. Hence, your hands will shake after a boxing session. That is why you should always train with a coach or expert. If you are learning on your own, be sure to watch tutorials online. There are also forums and communities that you can join for advice from other experienced boxers.  

Consider checking out this video on proper boxing techniques with coach AJ Perez. 

Inadequate or Improper Diet 

As with any other sport, a good diet is necessary to provide you with the energy you need to work your muscles. If you are not getting enough nutrients because you are eating too little or eating an unbalanced diet, your muscles will not be “up to par” and, thereby, more likely to become exhausted. 

Your diet needs to have the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to satisfy your energy use every day. Make sure you consume the vitamins your body needs. Never skip out on vegetables and fruits (Even if they are not tasty)! 

Aside from what you eat, you also need to pay attention to what and how much you drink. Dehydration can cause your muscles to become worn out, and thus, shake excessively after boxing. Make sure you drink enough water, and do not try “compensate” with coffee or energy drinks. Usually, these will only provide you with temporary energy. 

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Solutions To Stop Hands Shaking After Boxing

Do not forget to warm up and cool down

Sometimes, muscle tremors are caused by your lack of care for your joints and muscles. Make sure to prepare them for rigorous punches and fights beforehand, as well as give them time to recover once the fight is over.

Drink water

Staying hydrated prevents your muscles from straining themselves. Thus, you are less likely to feel tired and shaky. 

Eat protein-rich diets

Protein is essential for your muscle building. It also helps you replenish your energy supply, which can be extremely helpful for muscle recovery.


As you have read, the answer to “Why do my hands shake after boxing?” is (1) muscle exhaustion and (2) inadequate or improper diet. 

The former can result from working your muscles too hard, wrapping your hands too tightly, and boxing with improper techniques. The latter requires focusing on both what you eat and what you drink. Therefore, you need a balanced diet to fuel your body. 

Hopefully, you have gotten the answer and information you need. If you still have any questions, reach out to us in the comments. We would also love to hear what you thought of our article!

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