Why Do Boxers Do Mitts? (Explained For Beginners)

If you have searched about boxing or watched sports movies, you will probably ponder, “Why do boxers do mitts?” Here in this post today, you’ll receive a detailed answer. 

Doing mitts is a pretty popular method in boxing training. You can try a variety of efficient boxing drills and workouts, each impacting enhancing your skillset. On the other hand, focus mitts are a type of boxing workout that sharpens all of a fighter’s talents and helps him develop each of his methods as a whole.


Boxing is one of the most technically sophisticated martial arts. Each small gesture carries weight and impacts a fighter’s performance in the ring, so do mitts. So then why do boxers do mitts?

Why Do Boxers Do Mitts?

Focus mitts training is one of the most effective strategies to improve fighting reflexes, punching, defense, and fighting strategies. In addition, it enables you to practice more realistic fighting moves without having to fight someone in real life.

When training with mitts, boxers can concentrate on realistic techniques that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, such as bobbing and weaving around a partner swinging at them.

Why Do Boxers Do Mitts

5 Particular Reasons For Mitts In Boxing 

The boxer and coachwork one-on-one in the concentrate mitts drill. The instructor catches a boxer’s punches with a pair of focus mitts, frequently thrown in combos with both offensive and defensive movement. Naturally, the more advanced a boxer is, the more complicated the focus mitt combinations get. 

The following are some practical advantages for doing mitts:

Technique and aim improvements

Focus mitts training improves technique and aim, the first and most visible benefit. Then, as the instructor steers their fists toward the mitts, it’ll help with boxers’ hand-eye coordination improves, making it easier for them to fire punches.

Furthermore, the combinations they practice with focus mitts become permanently ingrained in their muscle memory, allowing them to unleash their combinations without hesitation. Finally, focus mitts training improves power and quickness by allowing a boxer to punch without fear of being countered.

Why Do Boxers Do Mitts

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A deeper understanding of the concept of distance

The impact of focus mitts training on players’ distance and the pacing is one of the most underappreciated aspects of the boxing technique. One boxer can get a better idea of whether he’s in or out of range with concentration mitts, both offensively and defensively. The importance of distance and range in boxing cannot be overstated.

Boxers develop spatial intelligence and better understand their optimal distance with focus mitts training. In addition, focus mitts training allows fighters to play to their strengths while working on their limitations, whether they prefer to stay outside and operate from a distance or stick and move in the pocket.

Rhythm sense improvements

Fighting a bag or a machine isn’t conducive to developing a rhythm. There’s more to becoming a great martial arts combatant than merely learning to punch. You must grasp rhythms, which can only be learned through boxing against a real opponent. You’ll develop confidence and expertise after you find your groove.

Recreate a real-life boxing match 

Focus mitts training simulates the sensations of a real boxing battle. Unlike sparring, striking focus mitts allow boxers to practice real-life combinations that emphasize proper technique and execution.

They can develop a better knowledge of how to deal with specific scenarios as the coach imitates the movement of a genuine opponent. For example, if they slide a left hook to the head or body, they know that the greatest counter is a left hook to the head or body. The most effective option is pulling their head back and countering with a straight punch.

Injury Risk Reduction

Focus mitts might protect someone attempting to improve their punching power. There is less resistance when someone strikes a mitt than when they hit a 100-pound bag. As a result, it’s gentler on the fighter’s joints and muscles, allowing him to increase his bag’s weight without risking injury gradually.

Mental and social benefits

It’s critical to be emotionally as strong as physically. Being able to manage ones’ pressures and find strategies to cope with challenges is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle. Mitt training improves mental focus and allows to release of any pent-up rage.

Besides, focus mitt training is a fun approach to exercise in a group setting. Boxers can participate in combat games and other workouts that they couldn’t undertake without someone else as part of one of the most demanding partner training programs. It also helps a boxer and coach stay in sync by constantly focusing on technique and mobility with focus mitts training. 

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You should now have a clear answer to the question, “Why do boxers do mitts?”. As you can see, doing mitts has so many benefits for boxers; that’s why it’s so popular. And even when you’re not a professional but feel interested, you can also try. However, do not arbitrarily buy mitts to try at home; find coachers to get an effective and systematic exercise method. Anyways, practicing mitts is not only for professionals, right?

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