Why Do Boxers Do Mitts? (Explained For Beginners)

Why Do Boxers Do Mitts

If you have searched about boxing or watched sports movies, you will probably ponder, “Why do boxers do mitts?” Here in this post today, you’ll receive a detailed answer.  Doing mitts is a pretty popular method in boxing training. You can try a variety of efficient boxing drills and workouts, each impacting enhancing your skillset. … Read more

Why Do Female MMA Fighters Have Cornrows? – Detailed Explanation

Why Do Female MMA Fighters Have Cornrows

Cornrows – one of the oldest hairstyles in the world that dates back to at least 3500 B.C, are making a huge comeback. Besides awe-inspiring Instagram posts of those tightly braided cornrows, this hairstyle is also popular amongst martial artists, especially MMA fighters.  And because we know you’re wondering: “Why do female MMA fighters have … Read more

Does Reach Matter In MMA? (Myth Busted)

Does Reach Matter In MMA

Many factors affect how a match can play out! The reach of fighters, in particular, is usually displayed before an MMA fight commences, but does reach matter in MMA? Size matters, in sports, at least. Whether it’s the NBA, NFL, or the MMA, the athlete’s physical attributes play a huge role in their performance! You … Read more

Why Are MMA Fighters Underpaid (3 Common Reasons)

Why Are MMA Fighters Underpaid

Many people have the impression that athletes are the embodiment of fame and money. However, while some household names like Christiano Ronaldo or Serena Williams may bear witness to this statement, not all sports enjoy the same spotlight and privileges.  There are more niche branches where the participants barely make a living, especially in combat … Read more

Can You Get a Black Belt in MMA? If Not, Then Why?

Can You Get a Black Belt in MMA

Can you get a black belt in MMA? If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. All will be explained in detail in this article. Achieving a black belt in any martial art is very respectable, and all boxers achieve a black belt in their lifetime; it is a great honor for … Read more