Can A Boxer Beat A Muay Thai Fighter? Reveal The Truth

There is a heated debate about “can a boxer beat a Muay Thai fighter?” on a lot of sporting forums recently. If you are interested in looking for a satisfactory answer to the question, visiting our blog will not make you regret it! Here we are about to dig deeply into the issue to bring a thoughtful view for you.

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Can A Boxer Beat A Muay Thai Fighter?

From our perspective, we absolutely emphasize that it is difficult for a boxer to beat a Muay Thai fighter. We are ready to convince you in the “Can a boxer beat Muay Thai?” debate with the three vital reasons below.

Can A Boxer Beat A Muay Thai Fighter

Can Boxing Beat Muay Thai?

Muay Thai Is Tougher Than Boxing 

Both Boxing and Muay Thai are arresting arts. Nevertheless, Muay Thai is tougher than its rival in the debate because it’s an amalgamation of kicking and punching. A boxer has to be capable of using both hands; meanwhile, a Muay Thai fighter must master how to utilize their hands, elbows, shins, knees, and feet.

Well, don’t you know “The art of 8 limbs.” is another name for Muay Thai?

Fighters of this sport have to master clinching and sweeping skills and know how to combine their shins, elbows, knees, and fists properly. It is not a stroll in a park.

These fighters have to undergo an array of grueling drills (not meant for heart failure, of course) to train their body to be one multi-aim formidable weapon. 

Moreover, it is clearly no coincidence that Muay Thai athletes have the fit and attractive physique that most guys aspire to. It is because being strictly and properly practiced is indispensable to this “art of 8 limbs.”

Learning to become a boxer is also not easy. However, it is simpler in comparison with Muay Thai. Boxers focus most of their power on their hands to throw accurate, speedy, and strong punches away correctly. Besides, they  practice how to avert dangers from real situations by regularly doing drills.

Muay Thai Is More Effective For Attacking At Any Range Than Boxing 

Which sport is more effective at different ranges? That question is one of the key factors that contribute to deciding whether a boxer can beat a muay Thai or not.

And the answer is there is no distance in which Thai sport isn’t effective.

In a fighting situation, any fighter has three ranges, particularly far, medium and close. Muay Thai has different techniques for each distance.

At the far range, Muay Thai athletes have roundhouse and front kicks (or called teep jabs). Thai fighters have head/ body kicks, leg/knee kicks, and boxing skills at the medium range. And coming up to close distance, they have punches and elbow techniques both out and inside the clinch. 

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In case there is combat between a boxer and a Muay Thai, a boxing fighter would be at the greatest disadvantage as they are in a medium-range. As a result, in order to predominate, they will tend to close the range. Meanwhile, Thai fighters can cope very well no matter which ranges they are in.

Can A Boxer Beat A Muay Thai Fighter

Muay Thai is more effective than Boxing

Muay Thai Is Better For Self-defense Than Boxing

To answer the question: Which one is superior between two of these sports? We assure you that Muay Thai is better for self-defense than Boxing. 

The reason is that Muay Thai shows more techniques and skills which can be made use of in any combat. And with self-defense purposes, especially facing multiple attackers, mastering a huge number of skills will enhance the chances of victory.

There is a truth that any guy is also an instinctive boxer. The boxing posture is often adopted in a lot of street fights when they generally know and toss some basic boxing fists toward their rivals, which they can imitate from boxing videos on television.

Furthermore, your assailant could most likely be initiative and capable of fighting, so they are able to gain the upper hand over you. That is one of the reasons why you need to have techniques from Muay Thai. It isn’t common, hard to copy the right stance, so it also offers many more striking weapons with your entire body, not just two punches. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you still keep staying with us until this final say, we believe you have already reached a contented answer to the question “can a boxer beat a Muay Thai fighter” and discover more helpful knowledge about these types of sport!

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