Alternatives To Boxing Hand Wraps – Unraveling the Mystery

Boxing is a combat sport, which can be assessed as quite dangerous. It requires us to participate in vigorous activities, easily causing injury if not careful. To avoid those possible injuries, people have created hand wraps in order to protect the arms and wrists. Besides ordinary hand wraps, we have some potential alternatives to boxing hand wraps for you, just in case!

What are Possible Alternatives To Boxing Hand Wraps?

Alternatives for hand wraps are ergonomically designed; you just need to put your hands on, and you’re done. There is no need to wrap anything, just like wearing gloves.

The advice of some boxing experts is to stay away from that wrap in case you encounter real opponents in the ring. It does not have the ability to turn your hand into a solid block and protect your hand as firmly as a traditional bandage. However, if you are only going to work out, it’s ok to use them.

Inner Gloves

The design of this glove is not like normal products. Instead of sealing the fingers, the product has a fingerless design that is enough to keep all activities unaffected and minimize the damage in the exercise process.

However, you also need to note that they do not have any padding inside to protect your knuckles. They are simply a thick outer layer of fabric, that’s all. But even if the protection is negligible, it is still better than practicing with your bare hands.

Alternatives To Boxing Hand Wraps

Boxing inner gloves

Using fingerless gloves also helps you to be more comfortable and not sweaty during exercise. There are quite a few models of open-toed boxing gloves with different designs, sizes, and colors currently on the market. You can ask the consulting unit to have the products that best suit your needs and achieve the highest results.

Fast Wraps

Unlike the above product, the fast wrap has a rather thick and firm hand pad. Its main purpose is to protect the hands, muscles, and wrist joints from injury during training and competition. At the same time, these wraps also help to reduce the force of hitting the opponent and vice versa when competing with a direct and quite strong impact force.

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Fast wraps are super convenient.

However, the disadvantage of this type is that it often collapses very quickly, and the durability compared to other types will be a bit worse. In addition, you will have to measure the circumference of your hand to choose, which is quite complicated.

Boxers also have to stretch the glove as much as possible to make sure it fits. Once the Fast wrap has stretched to a reasonable level, you are free to use it. However, this also means that you will not be able to exchange for a new pair of larger or smaller gloves. It must be equal to the old one to continue using the fast wrap.

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Tape and Gauze

Last but not least, this might be familiar with MMA fans: tapes and gauzes. They are often used by professional boxers in tournaments, are white, and have tape around them to keep them in place. 

This type of protective tape is quite time-consuming to make because they are very complicated and difficult to do alone. Normally, in tournaments, the organizers will decide the amount of tape and gauze for each person.

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This is familiar to boxing fans.

Tape and gauze will give you a good feel, provide great protection, and look professional. However, we don’t recommend using them because of their inconvenience. If you are new or your goal is just regular practice, stick with your ordinary hand wrap or any other substitutes above.

Are Hand Wraps Necessary?

The purpose of the armband is to protect one of the most important weapons of the boxer, the hands. Many joints and small bones are very easily injured under the impact of frequent punching. 

The wrap serves to keep the whole hand immobilized, providing support for the wrists, fingers, joints, and overall hand.

Many people think that the hand wrap is the extra padding of the glove or it is just to protect the joint. This notion is completely wrong.

Wraps are used to stabilize loose joints and movable bones of the hand. They hold the joints together, so the shocks from the punch are distributed throughout the hand. You don’t want the joints to move freely and independently when your hand hits the target, which would result in a dislocation, or worse, a fracture.

If your fists are loose when swinging, the joints will easily hit other joints and break. Even if your hand isn’t broken, you don’t want to risk your hand getting other injuries that prevent you from doing other daily tasks.


1. What happens when you do not wrap your hands in boxing?

Without hand wraps, you are more likely to injure yourself during boxing. This is because the knuckle bones are highly delicate and need protection. Hand wraps provide the perfect layer to keep these small bones from breaking when you punch the other person.

2. Are hand wraps or boxing gloves better?

Hand wraps and boxing gloves are equally important when it comes to shielding your hands. Hand wraps offer a soft surface for your bones and knuckles, while the gloves help to absorb the force of each punch.


In sum, there are many alternatives to boxing hand wraps for you to choose, based on your preference. Undoubtedly, the perfect hand wraps will bring comfort to the process of training and competition, minimizing the feeling of constriction when used. We hope you found this post useful.

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