Do You Know What To Eat Before Boxing?

Before a boxing workout, it is essential to have a light meal to get enough energy during the practicing process. If you have just started boxing and have no idea about this, follow our writing below to gain some necessary information and the precise answer to the question: What to eat before boxing.

What to eat before boxing

Boxing Takes A Lot Of Energy

What Should We Not Eat Before Boxing?

Eating well before a boxing class is a perfect strategy, but it does not mean you can eat anything as you please. If so, what not to eat before boxing?

The first and foremost thing to know is that boxers should not drink milk. Obviously, it is healthy if you have a glass of warm milk before bed, but not boxing. According to sports experts, drinking milk or any dairy products can make you feel sleepy and sluggish.

Secondly, junk foods or fatty foods are also unhealthy foods for boxing because they don’t provide essential nutrients. In addition, your digestion will not work well to digest all foods that you have already delivered into the stomach. Remember that junk foods and fatty foods are only for our funny meetings.

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What To Eat Before Boxing – Do You Know?

Healthy Diet Plan for Boxers: how to eat before boxing

What to eat before a fight

Let’s see what to eat before kickboxing class:


Protein plays a part in creating and rebuilding muscles after working out. Here are some high protein foods you can reference:


Beans hold amino acids to create new tissues in bone, muscle, and blood.


Having an egg in a meal will deliver about 6,3 grams of high-quality protein. It helps tissues develop and create a new one.

Red meat

Why have to be red meat? Red meat keeps more vitamins and minerals than white meat.


Despite being a type of white meat, poultry is considered a valuable source of nutrients for those who are losing weight. This kind contains less cholesterol, and the flavor is tasty.


Boxing burns up a lot of energy. That’s why you need to supplement carbohydrates to provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals and keep blood sugar levels in your body balance. Some foods you can consider are:

Whole grains

As a part of a healthy diet, whole grains are a rich source of carbohydrates, nutrients, and fibrous matter. 


Eating fruits before boxing supplies your body with natural carbohydrates, and you can try with a banana, for example. Bananas are high in glucose, so they will help you keep nerve and muscle function during practicing.

Fruit Juice

What about changing eating fruits into drinking fruit juice? Let’s try! They are also from fruits, just different in the form you add to your body.


If eating one kind of food is so plain and you don’t feel tasty, try mixing some of them. Food combinations will increase your flavor and provide more energy until finishing your boxing practice. 

Fruit and Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt provides protein, and fruits provide carbohydrates. Absolutely a wonderful combination that you can consider for tomorrow’s menu, right?

Peanut butter and fruit slices

We all know that peanut butter is rich in various nutrients, especially holding a lot of calories and fat.

A combination of a little peanut butter and some fruit slices will decrease the amount of fat flavor and give more energy to maintain boxing at the end.

Some more perfect combinations you can try before having an exercise are whole grain bread with turkey or chicken, pita bread with hummus, or cottage cheese with fruit.

How About After Kickboxing Class?

Do we need to eat anything after exercise? Absolutely yes! 

Although your body requires a lot of water during boxing, drinking only is not enough. That’s why knowing what to eat after kickboxing class is also important. 

Here are some type of foods you can try to maintain a high energy level even after a workout:

Smoothie and juice

That’s so perfect to have a cool glass of smoothie or juice. This is a mixture of nutrients from fruits, fresh milk, and sugar to regain consumed energy.

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt holds much protein for your body, and it’s even greater if you get yogurt with some toppings.

RX bar

RX bar is a protein bar that is excellent for breakfast or after an exercise. It’s very convenient when you can provide protein with available food packs.


We guess now you can know what to eat before boxing to maintain a high energy level until the exercises finish. And remember, it’s even better if you keep eating healthy after boxing. 

Thank you for your reading, and stay tuned for our next article! See you then!

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