What Is Dirty Boxing? – The Most Detailed Explanation For Boxers

What Is Dirty Boxing? If you are doing research on boxing, you may hear about dirty boxing with powerful and dangerous techniques. But don’t let the name prevent you from learning this sport, as it helps fighters defend and protect themselves with many deadly moves while improving their health each day.

Don’t miss this chance of getting better preparation in your boxing journey, and follow our post for the best information about “What is dirty boxing?

What Is Dirty Boxing?

Dirty boxing is one of the most popular styles among fighters in the world. It takes more than one sentence to explain about this type of boxing.

Therefore, we will show you its origin and how to perform it for your proper understanding.

What Is Dirty Boxing

What Is Considered Dirty Boxing

Dirty Boxing’s Origin

At first, the Americans came to the Philippines with their military camps and brought dirty boxing there. The local people chose this sport to practice, enhance their bravery and fighting skills, and maintain health.

Amazingly, the Filipino martial arts already had their great history. As a result, the local people quickly responded to the learning challenge and even created their own style with the same name until today – dirty boxing.

Now, you know about dirty boxing’s origin and its another name – Filipino Boxing. 

Let’s take a look at the way to perform dirty boxing!

Performing Dirty Boxing

There are two names for dirty boxing in different areas: Panantukan or Suntukan. In particular, the “panantukan” word’s origin came from a Tagalog word – “suntok” (punch), while “suntukan” is trading punches.

As the Filipinos described, the boxers will combat in the hand-to-hand form, and this sport is quite devastating. In dirty boxing, they have to fight by taking advantage of almost all their body parts, including shins, knees, and elbows.

Although you can feel the resemblance to the traditional style, dirty boxing is more about using punches. Besides, the only similarity between this boxing type and Muay Thai is its small number of rules.

While the locals used the same uppercut, hook, cross, and jab, they adapted and formed it into their unique fighting styles with weapons. Therefore, dirty boxing also has Filipino knife fighting techniques.

As you can see, with few rules and knives, things can become a bit dirty during the fights!

Which Tools Should Boxers Use In Dirty Boxing?

As there’s no glove in dirty boxing, boxers can flexibly use their knuckles, palms, and fingers. Moreover, experienced fighters will have no trouble applying various useful techniques and tools: knee attack with flying elbow types, bolo punches, sweeps, fish hooks, thumb gouges, hammer fists, slaps, claws, finger jabs, and headbutting.

FYI – It’s illegal to perform with all these tools in Muay Thai.

Extra info: If you want to know – What is “dirty fighting” techniques in bare knuckle boxing? Let us give you a quick answer below.

Bare-knuckle boxing is another similar style to dirty boxing. You can call it bare-knuckle, fisticuffs, fistfight, or prizefighting. 

Surprisingly, bare-knuckle boxing is an original boxing form, and there’s even a connection between the ancient combat martial arts and this style. Thus, in bare-knuckling, two fighters will combat without hand padding or boxing gloves.

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Dirty Boxing

Is Dirty Boxing Useful?

The Filipinos enjoy dirty boxing as it has a unique form with their street style in the classic American structure. Moreover, at some level, this sport can be a curse and a blessing to MMA fighters. 

The curse will happen when boxers use too many styles in their fight strategy. They will be confused, then destroy all the healthy conflict and boundaries during combats; hence, ruin fair fights.

On the other hand, combining all the dangerous moves of dirty boxing with other styles (Krav Maga, Savate, Muay Thai, etc.) will make a fighter invincible. And this is the blessing.

Final Thoughts

And these are the initial pieces of information to understand “What is dirty boxing?”. We hope you now are getting more interested in this wonderful boxing style after reading our post.

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