Why Boxing Should Not Be Banned (4 Compelling Reasons)

Because of the severe injuries sustained by competitors, many people have described boxing as a game whose primary goal is to create “bodily injury to the opponent,” particularly to the head. However, others who support this game are searching for the reason why boxing should not be banned.

This article will explain more about this matter, especially how boxing has aroused controversy and why the government should not outlaw this game.

why boxing shoes should not be banned

Why Boxing Should Not Be Banned

Everyone knows that boxing comes with danger and injuries, but many other sports can cause the same risks or even more severe consequences when referring to extreme sports. Therefore, if all those sports are not banned altogether, boxing should not be, either.

To elaborate more on why boxing should not be banned, browse through the 4 opinions below.

  1. Boxing is as dangerous as other sports

We know boxing as a game in which the primary priority is to knock down and cripple an opponent for the amusement of others. This dangerous sport has claimed the lives of many people. 

Many boxers are not afraid of killing for money from boxing since it is not illegal. Compared to MMA, boxing is even riskier owing to the injuries that its participants sustain. 

Someone might claim that boxing calls out people’s most violent instincts and increases aggression. But, if it prohibited boxing owing to its lethal nature, would wrestling be banned as well? What exactly is MMA? Why not outlaw hockey or soccer? 

Combat games have always included some danger of participation, and the athletes who join up for these activities are aware of this. Aggression is a natural element of human character, and it requires a way to express itself without inflicting harm.

Football May Cause Serious Injuries As Boxing

According to medical experts, boxing causes immense brain damage, including concussion-like symptoms, behavioral issues, and an increased risk of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. 

However, a study from the International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine concluded that boxing has a lower rate of severe brain injuries than many other activities, including horseback and bull riding.

Brain injury may appear in several contact sports, such as soccer, and other dangerous hobbies like riding a motorbike, horseback riding, and skydiving. If the governments outlaw boxing for violence, they should ban other conflict sports such as kickboxing and soccer as well. 

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Participants in combat sports all run the risk of being heavily injured, but they never encourage violence outside the court. Combat sports players, when properly taught, can control their actions and are sensible in daily life.

  1. Professional boxing always comes with protective gears and equipment
Professional Boxing Also Offers Protective Gears

Including two individuals hitting one other, boxing has long been regarded as a hazardous sport. However, restrictions have been introduced into the sport to make it fair and civilized while retaining the game’s fundamental goal of “knocking out” the opponent and avoiding being struck.

They put these laws and regulations in place to safeguard boxers from severe injuries and make the game less hazardous. Fighters must also wear boxing equipment to guarantee their safety, such as

  • The most basic equipment that boxers use during a fight is boxing gloves. They will protect both hands and fingers, and also the opponent’s head and torso. The boxing gloves are available in a variety of styles and sizes. 

Before putting on the gloves, hand wraps are used to stabilize the palm area and protect it from injury.

  • Mouthpieces safeguard your face and mouth while also reducing the force of head impacts.
  • Amateur boxers wear approved head shields to protect their delicate tissues from punches to the head. 
  • Boxing boots seem crucial for footwork flexibility because they give lightweight stability with non-stick material for improved mobility on the mat. Boxers may get ankle-supporting boots in a variety of heights.
  1. Practicing boxing increases muscle mass and enhance mental health

Boxing not only improves your total body strength but also increases your muscle mass. Increased aerobic exercise combined with strength training helps to burn fat and develop muscle. This implies that you will see an improvement in muscle strength and shape as you continue to box.

Also, boxing is a significant activity for exercising virtually every major muscle group, so if you practice consistently and have a healthy diet, you will lose weight and gain muscle.

While all activity releases endorphins, boxing is especially effective in relieving stress. If you are irritated or tense, spending an hour of exercise with punching a boxing bag will help you discharge your sentiments and reduce any stress you’re experiencing.

These repetitive workouts, in which you concentrate on your body’s balance and movement of your feet and hands, help you focus on nothing else outside the exercise area.

Boxing has the potential to be a highly contemplative sport. All of the extraneous concerns in your life melt away while you free your thoughts and focus only in the ring.

  1. If boxing were outlawed, it would go “underground”

Boxing is a violent sport that exposes its players to abuse. As a result, banning this sport would protect both athletes and spectators. Prohibiting boxing may be a smart first step toward reducing violent material in the media and, as a result, in our society.

Boxing Should Not Be Banned

People might claim that if individuals do not witness violence on the internet or television, they are less inclined to attend. That said, everything that was illegal went underground.

Even if boxing were banned, some individuals would still attend and However, more individuals would be injured. 

Fighting would grow more hazardous, and individuals would carry it outside without training and rules. Therefore, banning boxing would increase rather than decrease violence.


1. Does boxing encourage violence?

Not really. After all, boxing is merely a sport enjoyed by lots of people who happen to be physically stronger than others. Furthermore, many people take up boxing for health reasons, such as to prevent heart diseases or increase their stamina. 

Thus, it would be too much of an assumption to think that boxing encourages violence.

2. Where is boxing banned?

Despite numerous benefits of boxing, some countries are rather strict regarding their regulations in extreme, martial arts sport.

For example, Sweden decided to ban boxing in 2007. Cuba and Norway are two other countries that join this club. It is also rumoured that North Korea has a ban on boxing as well.

Final Thoughts

Despite the ongoing controversy, combative sports have long been a part of human culture, which is unlikely to change soon. So, you must have figured out the answer to “Why boxing should not be banned?”

To be honest, people get different opinions regarding this matter: They are drawn to violent events such as contact sports and enjoy watching, but they don’t want to directly participate in them. Anyway, it’s not expected that boxing will be banned in no time.

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