Are Boxing Shoes Good For Running? (Detailed Explanation)

Generally, every sport requires specific types of equipment and. Especially when it comes to contact sports, these accessories play a vital role in protecting the participants and help them avoid all potential risks and injuries.

As a result, those who practice boxing must have known the utmost importance of boxing shoes. However, despite their protective design, are boxing shoes good for running? This article will provide you with the final answer, not to mention other valuable tips in detail for beginners.

are boxing shoes good for running

Are Boxing Shoes Good For Running?

Due to their distinctive design, boxing shoes are not suitable for those who want to wear them when running. In fact, it may cause more harm than good. While running for a long time, you might get injuries since the soles of boxing shoes are not designed for this purpose.

To find out why it is not recommended that boxing shoes be used for running or even any other outdoor activities, continue reading to get hold of 3 main reasons.

3 Reasons Why Boxing Shoes Aren’t Suitable For Running

Boxing shoes are high-ankle shoes

Boxing shoes are high ankle shoes

As you know, the ankles play an essential role in the movement, which is one of the boxing cores. Unfortunately, when practising, some mistakes in your move can make it sprained. Therefore, all boxing shoes have a high-ankle design to protect your ankle from injuries.

On the other hand, the design of running shoes will focus on flexibility without feeling any pressure on your feet. That’s why the top of running shoes is low (below the ankles). 

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are boxing shoes good for running 3

Boxing shoes aren’t qualified for outdoor activities

Shoes mainly designed for indoors are different from those made for running outside.

One of the most important features for choosing running shoes is its material. This kind of material has to be solid and durable to withstand weather conditions and road difficulties. Therefore, people usually use leather or synthetic fabrics as the primary material of running shoes.

Unlike running, boxing is an indoor sport. So, boxing shoes don’t need to deal with weather conditions. Yet, the constant friction on the mat is a problem with shoes. Moreover, with intense workouts, the primary material of boxing shoes has to be breathable to keep your feet dry. So, suede or leather is a good material for a pair of boxing shoes.  

The soles of boxing shoes are different

The soles are one of the most noticeable differences between boxing shoes and running shoes. 

Workout sessions of boxing are all on a padding floor covered with canvas. Thus, the soles of boxing shoes have to ensure the flexibility of movement and the withstand friction ability. So, rubber is the best material for the soles of these shoes. With rubber soles, shoes can prevent boxers from slipping and provide an excellent grip on the boxing ring floor.

boxing shoes

On the other hand, the soles of running shoes need extra cushioning for the heels. As we mentioned before, while running, our feet have to suffer challenges from the road. Therefore, by adding cushioning as a protective layer, running shoes can reduce risks and prevent us from injuries.

Bonus Tip: How To Choose A Good Pair Of Boxing Shoes 

Everyone knows that boxing is a dangerous martial art. Hence, choosing good gear, especially shoes, is a crucial factor in protecting our feet. If you’re wondering how to choose suitable boxing shoes, here are some tips that are sure to be of help:

  • There are two types of boxing shoes: low-top and high-top shoes. In fact, shoes with a low-top design can’t protect your ankles as well as those that are high-top. However, if you are a boxer focusing on speed, you might choose low-top boxing shoes. So, depending on your strength, you can consider choosing which kind of boxing shoes.
  • Boxing shoes provide further support to increase your ability. Therefore, you should try the shoes as lightweight as possible to make you feel like going barefoot.
  • Remember to always try the boxing shoes on before buying them. You can choose the one that has the same size as your regular shoes. While you put the boxing shoes on your feet, move up and down your toe and jump a few times to make sure those shoes entirely fit you because just an annoyance can become a big problem in boxing matches. 


1. Why are boxing shoes so high?

Boxing shoes are high due to their ability to offer total support during your movements. As they can cover up to your shins and ankles, boxing shoes minimize the percentage of accidents by smoothening your shifting and pivoting moves.

2. Do you wear socks with boxing shoes?

Yes. Boxers are recommended to wear boxing socks with their boxing shoes. These help to provide the right type of support for your feet. Furthermore, they can also act as a layer of protection, thus reducing chafing and the risk of injuries.


To sum up, while some people may suggest that you use boxing shoes for running to save more money, you should not follow their advice at all. Otherwise, it will exert a harmful effect on both your feet and shoes. 

This article has provided all the necessary information to answer “Are boxing shoes good for running?” as well as detailed explanations. If you find them helpful, give us a thumb up by sharing this post. Don’t forget to revisit us to grasp more valuable pieces of advice.

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