How To Throw A Jab In Boxing – Step-by-step Guidelines For Newbies

You want to throw a powerful jab but don’t know how? Here, let us help you out with step-by-step instructions on how to throw a jab in boxing in the post below. 

Jab is such an important boxing technique that helps you perform much better in a boxer’s arsenal. 

That’s because it allows you to distract your opponent, find your range, and keep a safe distance from your opponent. Besides, you can jab to set up other powerful punches. 

So, how to throw a jab in boxing properly and use it as a flexible weapon in your match?

Let’s scroll down the following parts to discover step-by-step instructions. 

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How to throw a jab properly? 

Brief Information About Jab Technique 

Before getting into details about how to throw a jab, let’s check out some basic information about the jab technique and some of its variations. 

Despite the variations, almost all the jab share some common characteristics. First, while in a boxing stance, you need to throw the lead fist straight ahead and fully extend your arm from the side of the torso to jab. 

The jabbing process also requires you to turn your torso quickly to get ready for other punches. 

Once you have obtained the basic jab technique, you can learn the several variations are as follows. 

Type of jab 

Step jab

Step jab means that you take a small step toward your opponent and throw a jab at the same time. In this way, you can get in range safely while increasing your jab’s power.  

Sidestep jab

Sidestep jab is pretty similar to the step jab. However, you need to step to the side rather than coming forward with a solid jab. 

While moving, remember to step in the outside direction of your lead foot, enabling you to circle your competitor and disrupt their rhythm more effectively.  

Up jab

If you want to surprise your opponent, you should go for an up jab – an unconventional way of jabbing from around the waist area.  

Your opponent usually won’t expect your punch is coming from below, so you have more chance to defeat him. However, as it is much riskier than other jab types, you have to make your move quick and accurate. 

Body jab

To employ the body jab, you need to take a step forward, crouch down, and jab simultaneously. Once you complete the jab, quickly resume back to your position for defense. 

You can use this jab type either to continuously hit your opponent’s body or entice your opponent’s attention to the part below, then quickly throw solid punches to the head.  

Range finder

How to jab when you are unsure about the distance between you and your opponent? 

Let’s use the jab as a rangefinder in this case. You do not need to hit or even hurt him with this jab type. 

All you have to do is tut your lead arm out without fully extending your competitor’s vision to capture his attention and measure the proper distance for a later attack. 

Feint jab

Another jab type is feint which allows you to deceive your competitor and cause him to move.

Once your opponent moves to defend your feint, quickly throw a powerful punch in a different direction to knock him down.   

How To Throw A Jab In Boxing – Step-by-step Instructions 

So, how to throw a jab in boxing when you are a newbie boxer? Here, we will show you the simple steps to throw a left jab. For the right jab, you all need to reverse everything in the guidelines. 

Step 1: Stand in your boxing stance.

First, move your right foot behind your left foot and customize it so it aligns with your body around 45 degrees while the left one still points toward your competitor.

Then, put your hands up, tuck your elbows down, lower your chin, keep the hips between your feet, slightly bend your knees, and lift your back heel a little bit. 

After that, lean your body forward with your elbows and your right hand slightly higher than your left. 

Recheck your stance and customize it (if necessary) to make sure that your body and hands are relaxed and you can feel good balance and mobility. 

Step 2: Extend your arm and throw a jab.

Slightly move your entire left side forward while gently shifting off your back foot yet lifting your left foot’s heel. During that process, transfer your weight onto your left and throw your left arm into a powerful straight jab at the same time.

While moving your arm, make a slight corkscrew motion to rotate your hand and let your palm face down. 

Also, don’t forget to hold your chin behind your shoulder with your rear hand staying close to give it more robust protection while fighting. 

Step 3: Swiftly pull your fist back to its original position as soon as it reaches full extension.

Right after your fist reaches full extension, swiftly pull it back to the original position. You either step back and bring the weight back to your right foot to defend or move your back foot forward and go for another attack.

A note here is to never step back while throwing a jab, or else you will lose all the power. Besides, tense up your fist only at the moment of impact. If you tighten it before or above the impact, you will lower the speed and power, leading to an ineffective jab. 

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Throwing Jab 

Now, you have known how to throw a jab in USA boxing, let’s move on to the common mistakes with a jab that you should avoid. 

How To Throw A Jab In Boxing

Which mistakes to avoid while throwing a jab? 

Drop your guard

Once you drop your guard, you give your opponent a good chance to suddenly attack and hurt or even defeat you with hooks. 

Thus, always keep your guard up while throwing punches to ensure solid protection for your chin.  

Rely too much on your arms

Let’s compare the power you generate when only relying on your arms with the one that comes from the transfer of weight and the movement upward through your core.

Have you figured out how tiny the impact is if you only depend on your arms for jabbing? 

Hence, it would be best to move up your body and put your weight forward to punch with a powerful impact through your arm. 

Leave the jab out  

A must when throwing a jab is to bring it back as soon as you can. If you forget to do so, your opponent might make use of your flaw and give several counter punches. 


Jab technique is something that you must practice every day to become more skillful and perform much better in the boxing match.

We hope you will get into practice right after discovering our instructions on how to throw a jab in boxing.

If you still have any questions about the jab, please leave your comment below, and we will help out as soon as we receive them. 

We wish you a joyful practicing time throwing a jab to progress your boxing skill within a short period. 

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