How To Clean Boxing Gloves – 5 Best Tips

Boxing gloves are essential items for any boxer in protecting their hands and the faces of their opponents during the fight. However, the glovers easily get dirty and smelly due to the effects of sweat and bacteria. Therefore, regular cleaning is an essential job to be done, but not everybody knows the right way to do that. This is the reason why we are here today to show you tips on how to clean boxing gloves. 

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How To Clean Boxing Gloves

Your gloves will last for longer if you take proper care of them. More significantly, the gloves can be clean and smell fresh instead of a dark cave of sweaty odor.

How to clean the inside of boxing gloves

Antibacterial spray

The antibacterial spray is considered the best way to clean boxing gloves. It can help you kill germs and bacteria inside. You can use this item to get rid of bacteria before hanging your gloves in the sun or air. The antibacterial spray can simply solve the issue and give back cleanliness for the boxing gloves. Follow the following steps:

• Take the gloves off. 

• Use the antibacterial spray to clean them 

• Leave them in the air or sun for a time 

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Use spray

Soaking gloves in a saltwater solution. 

Soaking the gloves in a salt solution overnight is an effective way to destroy bacteria and remove odor. This way can break down all the bacteria in the boxing gloves. 

For gloves made of materials that do not respond to saltwater, this technique can be harmful. As a result, it’s a good idea to do some testing before doing this.

Boxers often prefer this method to boiling the gloves since boiling the gloves will destroy boxing gloves rather than kill bacteria by these steps:

• Fill a tub with saline water. 

• Soak the gloves in the liquid. 

• Dry them the next morning after leaving them overnight.

Freeze the gloves for at least an hour. 

Freezing may seem unusual in cleaning boxing gloves, but it is the most efficient way of killing bacteria. Put the boxing gloves somewhere super cold like a refrigerator to freeze for about one night and then air dry them for the one or two following days. It is better to place gloves in a plastic bag before freezing.

Using apple cider vinegar

People can use apple cider vinegar to clean a wide range of products, including shoes and handbags. It works wonders for washing boxing gloves and getting rid of odors. This is a simple and reliable approach to keeping the boxing gloves fresh. Do you wonder how to wash boxing gloves with cider vinegar? Apply the below method:

• Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and place it on your side. 

• Vigorously rub it into the gloves. 

• Allow the gloves to dry for at least one night.

Note: You can add 5-10 tea tree oil drops to the solution for enhanced antibacterial and antifungal action.

Using stuffing method

Some fighters fill their boxing gloves to deter bacterial growth by allowing them to breathe. 

Glove dogs are probably the most powerful method since they are custom-made. They not only inhibit bacterial growth but also extend the life of the gloves. Glove dogs are lightweight cedar chip-filled cotton containers. The bacteria are drawn out of the gloves by the cedar pieces. You can also use a bar of soap or a newspaper instead.

Some additional methods to make your gloves have a nice smell

  • Make use of cedar chips. 

First, fill a pair of clean socks with some cedar chips. Tie the ends of each sock loosely, then put one sock into each glove. This material not only makes the gloves smell nice, but it can also trap extra humidity and bacteria.

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Cedar Chips help reduce bad smell

  • Use baking soda to reduce odors. 

Baking soda is a common deodorizer that can be used to remove odors and neutralize bad smells inside the boxing gloves. After your gloves have been dry, sprinkle a little baking soda into each glove and leave it for some hours. 

To get rid of the baking soda, you can use a small vacuum cleaner.

  • Use essential oils to help you. 

This is an excellent way to make something smell nice, even boxing gloves. Additionally, since some types of essential oils have antibacterial and antifungal ability, they can aid in the cleaning of your gloves. 

Fill your spray bottle with water and about some drops of your favorite essential oil (depend on the capacity of the bottle). Then, spray one or two times with each boxing glove.

Essential oils

Some tips for preventive care

Prevention is better than cure, so take precautions to keep your boxing gloves from germs and bad smells. Here are several options for you to consider.

Let the gloves completely dry.

It’s critical to let the boxing gloves dry fully after each use in order to keep them clean since germs need humidity to survive. Germs would not be able to breed if the gloves are fully dry. 

It’s possible that the gloves would stink if you don’t rinse them after wearing them. You can dry your boxing gloves in the heat or in a well-ventilated environment with the aid of a fan.

Wipe the gloves carefully after using  

Another way, wiping the gloves both inside and out with a soft towel to keep them from dirt and bacteria. This method would reduce the amount of moisture, which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Don’t leave the gloves in the bag.  

After every use, several people automatically put them in their bags. Bacteria sometimes breed and develop in this setting. Hence, remember not to place your boxing gloves in the plastic bag without first removing them. 

• After each use, place the gloves in the bag. 

• Take them back home and dry them 

• Place them back in the bag after they are dry.


If your gloves are not clean, bacteria will grow on them, and they will stink. This eventually causes some skin diseases for your hand. We hope that some tips can give you the way on how to clean boxing gloves. Remember to keep them always clean with a pleasant fragrance; you will get comfortable during use. 

Good luck.

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