Do You Need To Wrap Your Hands When Using Boxing Gloves?

We all know that boxing is quite a risky sport, with a high chance of injury. Therefore, to minimize the risk, you must prepare yourself as carefully as possible. 

Starting with the preparation process, many people might wonder: “do you need to wrap your hands when using boxing gloves?”. Your question will be answered right after you finish reading this article.

Why Do You Need To Wrap Your Hands When Using Boxing Gloves? 

When you’re getting ready to boxing or perform in boxing, hitting punching bags is a key factor in your preparation. It’s not common to train with boxing gloves without coverings for at least part of the time.

However, you must wrap your hands every time you enter the ring or go to the gym for training, and if you’re going hard, you should wrap your hands throughout practice sessions as well.

And do you ever wonder: “what do you wear under boxing gloves?”. The answer is hand wrap.

What Happens When You Don’t Wrap Your Hands For Boxing?

As known, the hand wrap connects all of your joints, distributing the shock more evenly across your entire hand. When your hand gets impacted, you don’t want your joints to move freely and independently. If joints move in opposite directions, a fracture might occur.

Boxers Fracture From Boxing

Boxers Fracture From Boxing 

It’s incredibly simple for little joints in your hand to fall over each other and shatter if your hands are relaxed during punching. Even if your hand does not break, you do not want to risk injuries that prevent you from performing activities like typing on a computer, using a pen, or carrying goods. After you’ve finished boxing, take good care of your hands!

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How To Wrap Your Hands When Using Boxing Gloves? 

To wrap your hands correctly, properly, and comfortably, we suggest following these simple steps carefully.

Firstly, wrap the thumb in a loop and then behind the hand. Move down the top of the hand so that it will tighten the hand wrap as you form a fist. Remember to not let the front end slide down.

Secondly, wrap your wrist three times since this will support it. You only need to do this twice if you have large hands or shorthand wraps. Some people would prefer to have loose wrists.

Thirdly, wrap twice around your hand, then encircle your palm. It’s fine not to cover the knuckles. Take it all the way down to the back of your thumb.

Next, start making Xs on the back of your hand as the hand wrap slides between your fingers and over the back of your hand. This will pull your knuckles together for support but remember to keep them apart.

Keep on by wrapping your pinky and ring fingers together, then to the side.

Now go all the way down to your hand’s bottom. On the back of your hand, the hand wrap should make an “X.” 

what do you wear under boxing gloves

An X

Then get back to the top of your thumb and put your middle and ring fingers together. Here comes the second “X.”

Returning to the top of the thumb, this time between the index and middle fingers, then you have the third “X.”

Finish this step by placing your thumb on top of it.

After that, wrap once again around the thumb and down the back of the hand.

Moving on, go behind the thumb and try to pay more attention to the following steps.

Go down the palm instead of wrapping around the thumb. This act will secure the thumb and keep the hand wrap in place so it won’t get loose while you fight. 

Next, wrap three more times around the knuckles.

Lastly, if you still have extra wraps leftover, you can do some more “X’s” around the back of your hand and wrap the knuckles some more. However, try not to wrap so thick since your hand might not fit in the gloves, and finish at the wrist. 

In Conclusion 

Do you need to wrap your hands when using boxing gloves? What do you put under boxing gloves? We hope that after reading the article thoroughly, you will find the necessary tips for your boxing. Although wrapping your hands is just a small part of the whole boxing process, it plays an important part. 

Besides, despite many steps, we suggest you follow all of these eight steps to keep your hands from being injured and ensure you can enjoy your boxing to the fullest.

Stay tuned for the next articles with other helpful tips from us!

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