How Long Are Boxing Rounds? Are There Different Time Rules?

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If you are new to the boxing game, it might be tricky to grasp how boxing goes or what the sport’s rules are. Among all, one question that many newbies have in mind is, “How long are boxing rounds?” In fact, it’s hard to tell a specific number as different leagues and classes have different time requirements. 

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How Long Are Boxing Rounds?

Actually, there is no specific number. As mentioned above, the game’s level or caliber determines the duration of a boxing round. A professional bout, for instance, will entail a longer length than a beginner, heavyweight championship, or Olympic event.

The duration of a boxing round is also regulated by age category, with junior matches being shorter than adult matches. Thus, if you want to know the specific numbers, let’s get started!

Professional Boxing Rounds

Professional matches, often known as prizefighting, gained prominence (and its place); thus, they became legal in the 2000s.

Throughout history, the regulations were established and modified into what we currently see and appreciate as top-level battling. The standard time for each round usually runs for 3 mins.

How Long Are Boxing Rounds

While 12 is the maximum number of rounds fighters may engage in, some contests feature 4, 6, 8, or even 10 rounds. But, of course, it all relies on the game’s sponsors and what it’s classified as. 

Of course, heavyweight matches are different from middleweight, welterweight, and featherweight classes.

Find out more about boxing weight classes here:


Amateur Boxing Rounds

Amateur boxing boxers are not compensated. Instead, they battle because of their passion for the sport and honor their nation. Some of the most famous amateur events are the Olympic Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, and several other associations.

Just because the word “amateur” is employed does not imply that the combatants aren’t excellent or professional. On the contrary, boxers in this group are exactly as powerful and gifted as those who compete in the professional ranks.

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Amateur boxing grading primarily concentrates on the volume of good strikes delivered rather than knockouts and intensity. For males, a round might take 3 mins with a maximum of 3 rounds. Meanwhile, a round might run for 2 mins with a maximum of 4 rounds for ladies.

Youth Boxing Rounds

Youth boxing does not always relate to teenagers but rather to youngsters who battle for leisure in groups and training programs rather than for a chance to compete on a regional or global level. Youth boxing round durations differ according to age:

  • Bantam (kids between the age of 8 and 10): 3 rounds; each lasts 1 min.
  • Junior (kids between the age of 11 and 12): 3 rounds; each lasts 1 min.
  • Intermediate (kids between 13 and 14): 3 rounds; each lasts 1.5 mins.
  • Senior Junior Olympic (kids between 15 and 16): 3 rounds; each lasts 2 mins. 
  • Sub Novice (those between 17 and 34): 3 rounds; each lasts 2 mins.
  • Novice (those between 17 and 34): 10 rounds; each lasts 2 mins. 
  • Open (those between the age of 17 and 34): maximum of 12 rounds; each lasts 2 mins. 
  • Master Class (those who are 35 and over): maximum of 12 rounds; each lasts 3 mins. 

Note that every round is accompanied by at least 60 secs of break time before the new round begins. 

How Many Boxing Rounds Does A Match Have?

If you’re a long-term boxing lover, you might already know that the longest documented match went up to 110 grueling rounds.

Today, the last bell in boxing rang after the 12th round in upper-level and world championship bouts, although this was not always true. Back in the 19th century, the board officially set a rule of 15 rounds for a match, which later became the rule for most boxing fights.

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However, on Nov 13th, 1982, a violent bout involving Duk Koo Kim and Ray Mancini revolutionized boxing for good, calling for an adjustment in the favorite sport’s duration and regulations to improve the safety of the participants.

In the match, the South Korean fighter Kim fell straight on stage. He was brought to the nearest hospital on an ambulance shortly after interrupting the fighting in the 14th round of a brutal world title battle with American Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini.

Kim, after that, received urgent brain surgery; however, he died tragically 4 days later. And Mancini’s 14th-round knockout victory triggered regulations to enhance fighters’ preventive care, with the significant rule being to cut world heavyweight bouts from 15 to 12 rounds.

How Long Is A Boxing Match?

Now that you’ve learned a bit of the background of this fantastic game and how precautionary measures have been developed, you may be wondering, “How long is a boxing match?”

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Boxing bouts are typically divided into 12 rounds, including 60-second breaks in between. If the endings, injuries, or disciplinary actions (plus the time to discuss and give out the final call) are all added up, the average time of a match equals 5.9 rounds. That means 17.7 mins not including, or 22.7 mins including in-between round breaks).

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, today’s post has helped you answer the question of “How long are boxing rounds?” and give you some basic information about the game and the leagues. Off we go!

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