Is Kickboxing Safer Than Boxing: An Honest Answer

Some people think that kickboxing and boxing are the same things. However, these are two distinct sports that have both different benefits and risks. 

Is Kickboxing Safer Than Boxing? If you are looking for the answer to this question, the following article may be useful to you. Let’s read on to get more about other aspects of the two sports!

Is Kickboxing Safer Than Boxing?

There is a piece of good news for those who choose kickboxing as a favorite sport for their entertainment: kickboxing is truly safer than boxing. 

This fact has been confirmed by doctors and professional boxers. They have to admit that boxing is considered one of the sports with the highest danger levels compared to other physical activities in the world. 

However, note that both of these two sports will not cause serious injuries to casual players who are not professional athletes.

Why is that? Please scroll down to discover a detailed explanation!

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Is kickboxing safer than boxing?

Why Is Boxing More Dangerous Than Kickboxing? 

Like other martial arts, boxing also uses direct head blows and knockout kicks on other parts of the body. However, what makes this sport especially dangerous is that the player repeatedly punches to the head until the opponent collapses and is unable to get back up a second time.

In essence, beating the head is the blow on the brain, while the brain is the most important part of the human being which controls all human behavior and thoughts. As you know, when a person has brain death while other body parts are still active, he is still considered dead.

In other words, boxing is enormously more threatening than kickboxing and considered one of the risky games. So if you learn how to do boxing as a self-defense kung fu, it is both challenging and beneficial.

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What Are The Distinctions Between Kickboxing And Boxing? 

Some people still mistakenly think boxing and kickboxing are closely related. Nonetheless, they possess some of the following distinct characteristics. 

Defensive And Offensive Strategy

This is the most prominent difference between boxing and kickboxing.  The sole concentration on boxing is to rain punches down on the rival’s head, while kickboxing requires both kicks and punches. This means that the boxers have more opportunities to protect themselves, while the kickboxers have more attack chances.


Clinching requires grasping the rival with two hands, usually by wrapping around shoulders. This method is very popular in boxing because it helps the boxers prevent direct punches and reduce head damage. However, the clinching technique is not commonly used in kickboxing because participants can propel each other when doing this movement.


Since boxing’s sole focus is on hits, boxers should always be in a sideways leaning position to avoid fatal hits. As for kickboxing, to minimize the damage from punches and kicks, the kickboxing players must always be in a square posture. 

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Kickboxing posture and strategies

What Real Risks Do Both Kickboxers And Boxers Have To Suffer? 

The underlying reason why boxing is considered a risky sport is that the dangers of repeated direct punches to the head easily cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy or dementia syndrome. This disease destroys the brain region involved in impulse control. 

It is extremely popular among retired boxing competitors. They cannot recall past events or someone’s name. Others even have problems with anger control, depression and are likely to alcohol and drug abuse. For a more detailed explanation, refer to this website

Kickboxing is less dangerous than boxing, which doesn’t mean that kickboxing has absolutely no real risk at all.

The contestants just do not face the same serious brain-related injuries that the boxers do. Nevertheless, they will also suffer injuries that any athlete can experience, such as muscle problems, sprains, or even head damages.

The Bottom Line

Is Kickboxing Safer Than Boxing? The answer is yes. Based on scientific proof and living witnesses, boxing is apparently much more dangerous than kickboxing. This doesn’t imply that you should not learn boxing completely, but you should consider entering the match as a boxer.

If you tend to learn these martial arts for self-defense, this is definitely a wise decision. Thanks for reading!

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