How Many Calories Does Muay Thai Burn? (Helpful Answer & Information)

Whatever the reasons for exercising Muay Thai, it is an effective workout to burn calories and lose weight since throwing kicks and punches uses up a lot of energy. But how many calories does Muay Thai burn? This article will give a satisfying answer and relevant information for a productive workout session.

How Many Calories Does Muay Thai Burn?

Also known as the art of eight limbs, a typical Muay Thai session that incorporates upper body moves with punches, kicks, knees, and elbows can burn at least 600 calories in an hour. Specifically, women burn up 752 calories an hour on average when practicing the sport, while men generally burn more than 937 calories an hour for the same workout.

How Many Calories Does Muay Thai Burn?

However, some factors affect calorie burn in a Muay Thai session:

  • Weight
  • Sexes (males tend to burn more calories than females)
  • Lean mass vs fat mass
  • The fitness levels (those who have experience in workout tend to burn fewer calories)
  • Level of intensity (light, medium or heavy)

5 Wonderful Benefits Of Muay Thai Workout

Calorie burning and weight loss

There’re several reasons why people enjoy Muay Thai workouts. While some relish the dynamic nature that the sport brings, others are interested in the idea of burning calories and losing weight.

Although following a balanced and healthy eating routine is a significant aspect of losing weight, intensive workout also contributes effectively to weight loss.

How Many Calories Does Muay Thai Burn?

What makes Muay Thai ideal for burning calories is the combination of strength-based training and cardiovascular endurance training. It is noteworthy that strength training tends not to require moving fast. Instead, it focuses on strength and heavy, slow conditioning exercises such as skipping rope or shadowboxing that work the whole body. But strength training needs to be set apart from cardio since concurrent training can increase faster muscle fatigue and negatively affect the body’s protein synthesis. 

As Muay requires consistent effort throughout a training session, the fat-burning results can be obtained. Moreover, with strength training and cardio, including strikes, footwork, and defending, Muay Thai also allows for a fast metabolism and successful weight loss.

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Cardiovascular endurance

A person with high cardiovascular endurance can do well in high-intensity workouts over an extended period without getting fatigued. 

Since Muay Thai session incorporates total-body movements and resistance training such as heavy bag or pad work, sparring, or muscle building exercises, including push-ups and sit-ups, practitioners can achieve effective cardiovascular endurance. 

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Additionally, cardiovascular endurance improves oxygen uptake in the lungs and heart. Thus, it promotes a healthy heart rate, active immune system, and lowers the risk of certain diseases. 

Cardiovascular endurance also reduces blood pressure. A 2017 study indicates that people with high cardiovascular endurance are less likely to experience high blood pressure than those with lower cardiovascular endurance. 

Total body exercise

Muay Thai is also known as the art of 8 limbs; thus, it uses the practice of 8 points of contact, including hands and arms for punching, legs for kicking, fists, elbows, and knees. Hence, Muay Thai is truly a total body workout with powerful activities throughout the session. 

Besides, through total-body exercises, all the muscles in the body are engaged through kicks, punches, which results in more impressive muscle building.

Mental health 

In addition to strengthening the body, Muay Thai also works the brain and mind. When practicing Muay Thai, practitioners are required to build up mental perseverance since they have to consistently and effortlessly practice to achieve the desired results. Hence, their mental health and mind are pushed to the limits and beyond. 

Besides, learning and practicing martial art for a long time can activate the brain connecting with attention span and creativity.


Besides strength and mental health benefits, Muay Thai also brings self-confidence. This is because when practicing Muay Thai, practitioners can obtain a greater shape, thus enhancing their self-image and confidence.

4 Common Activities In A Muay Thai Workout Session 

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is an ideal cardiovascular warm-up since it increases heart rate and strengthens the body. Practitioners often engage in this stage for around 10-15 minutes before intensive training.



In shadowboxing, practitioners use a shadow or reflection as though there is an opponent in order to practice various movements and punches. By visualizing an imaginary opponent, practitioners can improve their punching speed and punching power.

Shadowboxing is a popular exercise for Muay Thai fighters to warm up their body before a fight. This activity should last for 3-4 rounds; each round runs anywhere between 2-5 minutes.

If you are engaged in a shadowboxing workout for beginners, check this video

Pad work

Pad work is basic training and requires practitioners to work with a partner. It also prepares effective defensive and offensive techniques for fighters during combat.

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Pad work implies boxing gloves or pads to improve hand speed, reaction time, and punching power. Each training session can last for 5-7 rounds but mostly depends on instructors.

Heavy bag work

A heavy bag workout will tone up the whole body, improving cardiovascular endurance and core strength. In addition, this allows practitioners to activate the muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and lower body’s legs. Thus, this is a high-intensive and highly effective full-body workout.

Downsides Of Muay Thai

Physical injuries

Some people are not well trained before entering their Muay Thai fights. Thus, they stand a higher chance of injuring themselves and others. Furthermore, you can still get hurt despite being professional Muay Thai fighters, as no one could predict what happens in the ring.

Lack of flexibility

Unlike other martial arts, Muay Thai is not best known for its fluid movements. Therefore, Muay Thai practitioners may lack a certain level of fluidity.

Risk of brain damage

While it is not conclusive, research has shown how taking multiple blows in Muay Thai can increase the percentage of getting brain damage. Needless to say, the prospect of having brain damage is not promising to most people.

Wrapping Up

Now, you have the one true answer for the question: “How many calories does Muay Thai burn?”. Muay Thai is perfect for burning calories and losing weight as a physical exercise. Besides, it also brings exceptional benefits in cardiovascular endurance, mental health, and self-confidence.

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