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Obviously, not all boxing gloves on the current market come with the same level of price. They often cost differently in the common range from $10 to $500. But do you know all the factors that can influence the boxing gloves’ cost?

If this is what you are looking for, keep scrolling down our article “How much do boxing gloves cost?” to understand more about the topic and find yourself a suitable pair of boxing gloves. 

How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?

How much do boxing gloves cost?

Factors that Influence Boxing Glove Cost

Let’s get started with three main factors influencing the cost of boxing gloves. They include:

  • Brand
  • Material
  • Type


We divide boxing gloves into three main groups: top-tier, mid-tier, and low-tier options.

Top-tier boxing gloves

These products often come from brands such as Grant and Winning, with the price varying between $200 and $500. 

They are commonly used by both semi-professional, professional Boxers and MMA fighters due to their high quality. Besides, some “big brothers” who choose the top-tier gloves are Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez.

Mid-tier boxing gloves

With around $100, you can have a pair of mid-tier boxing gloves from brands like  Hayabusa, Ringside, and Title Boxing Gloves. 

This second group tends to be suitable for most amateurs and beginners at the very first stage to learn the sport. Despite that, mid-tier boxing gloves are not the best choice; they have high durability and other great features to protect hands or wrists. 

Low-tier boxing gloves

Venum, RDX, Elite Sports, and Sanabul are well-known brands offering low-tier boxing gloves. These products are considerably best budget-friendly when they only cost between $20 and $100.

The brands normally do not make these gloves with top-quality materials for the long run. However, the most impressive thing about this glove type is its reasonable price which can perfectly fit boxers at the entry-level. 


Undoubtedly, materials can decide how durable the gloves are and how comfortable you feel when wearing those gloves. Manufacturers commonly use three materials to make boxing gloves such as genuine leather, synthetic leather, and vinyl. 

  • Genuine leather: You can find it in both high-tier and mid-tier gloves. Due to the high quality, the material brings impressive comfort and great stretch. 
  • Synthetic leather (Polyurethane or PU): It is a lower-cost option compared to genuine leather. Thus, manufacturers often utilize this material to make low and mid-tier gloves. A downside about synthetic leather is it may leave a bad odor if you do not clean the gloves properly. 
  • Vinyl: Boxers with a limited budget tend to choose the gloves made with this material. However, the vinyl gloves are not durable and hard to clean. 


The next factor influencing “How much is boxing gloves?” is the glove type. Some boxers love to have heavy bag gloves while many others prefer the competition one. Specifically, each glove type goes with different requirements and costs distinctively as a result.  

How Much Should You Spend on Boxing Gloves?

After answering the question  “How much are boxing gloves?” we will move to the next section of how much you should spend on a pair of boxing gloves. To be honest, the answer will be different depending on your skill level and budget.

We recommend boxing gloves costing under $100 for entry-level boxers since you only have some basic requirements for a glove. When you become more experienced with the game, spending more money on an expensive pair of gloves is never a bad idea. 

How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?

How much are boxing gloves?

If you can afford the high-tier gloves, don’t hesitate to get them right away because these products can provide maximum protection for your hands and wrists than other low-budget gloves. 

Nowadays, a wide range of high-tier boxing gloves is available on the market at the price range between $100 and $200. And the one that you should consider is a pair of Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves with impressive durability and protectiveness. 

What are the Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners?

There are different opinions on the best boxing gloves for beginners. However, we believe that our recommendations below can help you make a shopping decision more easily. 

Base on the Middle East – An informative site for the MMA community that provides news about MMA from various perspectives. The Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves is one of the best choices for new-entry boxers. In detail, the gloves are not only breathable but also comfortable and can perfectly protect your knuckles. 

The Hayabusa makes this S4 model of PU engineered leather with a nylon lining. Nevertheless, it features a layer foam for wrist support and an injection-molded foam for hand protection.


  • Various color options
  • Injection-molded foam


  • PU leather material

What Sizes Do Boxing Gloves Come in?

The size of boxing gloves depends on two important elements, including your weight and hand circumference. To determine these measurements, we suggest using fabric tape.

Here is a list of references for boxing glove sizes.

  • Size 8 oz: Boxer’s weight 90-120 lbs. and hand circumference 5.5-6.5.”
  • Size 10 oz: Boxer’s weight 120-150 lbs. and hand circumference 6.5-7.5.”
  • Size 14 oz: Boxer’s weight 150-185 lbs. and hand circumference 7.5-8.5.”
  • Size 16 oz: Boxer’s weight over 185 lbs. and hand circumference 8.5-9.5.”

In some cases, you may find your measurements lie between two sizes. If you prefer a tight fit, choose the smaller ones. Otherwise, if a loose fit tends to make you feel more comfortable, the larger size should be your priority. 

Additional Boxing Gear You Will Need

Besides the glove, a mouthguard and shoes need you to prepare inside your boxing gear bag. In case you train at home, do never forget to get yourself a heavy bag. 


That is all basic knowledge regarding “How much do boxing gloves cost?”. Please note down that not every expensive choice can always meet your requirements. Honestly, the best gloves should not only come at a reasonable price but also have the right features that you truly need. 

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line. And then, we will be back soon. 

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