How To Start Boxing At Home – Best Tips And Recommendations For A Noob!

Have to stay at home during the current COVID-19 epidemic? Why don’t you take up boxing as a hobby? How to start boxing at home? Here you have it! Read on.

You’re a boxing lover. You often spend hours watching a series of boxing episodes on TV and dream of being a gifted boxer one day. Nonetheless, please restrict crowds in the current epidemic of Covid-19. 

Instead, practicing boxing at home can provide you with a lot of fun experiences, and your health is also guaranteed. How to start boxing at home? Here we are going to reveal the best tips and tricks for your great workouts!

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Boxing is a good idea to help you get in shape

Some Of Boxing Basic Skills

How to start practicing boxing at home? To get started, it’s vital for you to have up-to-date knowledge of a basic 4-punch boxer: the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut punches.

Successful boxers can use a combination of punches and leg movements proficiently. Anyone who aspires to pursue a boxing career needs to master this skill.

How To Start Boxing At Home?

7 Correct Boxing Stances You Should Know First

The basic boxing poses consists of: 

1. Take the lead with your shoulder opposite your puncher (left-handed fighter should place his right shoulder towards the target and vice versa).

2. Feet are set at a shoulder-width apart.

3. Position the foot at a 45-degree angle from your intended target.

4. Keep your hips and knees slightly bent.

5. Put the elbows together and use the forearms to shield the chest area (for self-defense).

6. Raise left fist at shoulder height.

7. Place the right fist just below the chin, and the wrist is facing inward.


Kick-off your boxing practices with 7 proper stances

How To Start Boxing Training At Home With 4 Fundamental Punches

Over the past year, many gyms around the world have been shut down due to the raging epidemic. You can’t go to the gym regularly, but that doesn’t mean your great workouts have to be put off forever.

You can learn boxing techniques anywhere, not necessarily going to the gym.

People often see images of boxers with gloves and bags. The beauty of this martial art is reflected in each boxing line in the stands or the physical beauty and muscles of each boxer. In general, boxing is not too difficult to learn. Anyone can kick off their journey with four basic punches as well:

  • The Hook: This punch is performed with one of the arms, and a punch is made at a 90-degree angle.
  • The Uppercut: Uppercut is also a punching with one of our wings, but it is directed up short to throw the opponent’s body.
  • The Jab: This is a quick punch used by one arm moving forward. Normally, left-handed fighters would use their right arm to jab and vice versa.
  • The Cross: The arm in the back throws a straight punch called The Cross. Typically, the forehand boxer will also hit the cross.

How To Learn Boxing At Home Without Equipment

Know how to warm up your arm and body:

Almost any sport needs a little warm-up before kicking off, and boxing is no exception. It is a martial art that is directly related to the strength of your arm. 

Therefore, you must warm up the muscles properly: warm your shoulders and activate them with simple shoulder stretches. Then, doing a full-body workout to warm up your whole body will give you flexibility for formal punches.

How To Start Boxing At Home - Best Tips And Recommendations For A Noob!

Warm up your arms and your body in advance

Combine with strength-training moves:

Boxing practice should go hand in hand with endurance exercise. In essence, boxing is a form of cardio exercise, so it can get you to breathe after a few minutes of exercise. 

It’s good to combine squats, push-ups, or planks alternately with boxing time.  In this way, you could boost your overall health and generate more force for each of your later punches.

Get started with basic punches:

Let’s try a few basic punches first. Focus and repeat with jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, for example. It would help if you practiced regularly, and you will gradually train yourself to have good reflexes.

You could add a bit of music to your practice time to get a little more excited with every punch. Let the music guide you! Boxing is a sport for you to unleash all of your creativity, don’t hesitate to try some new tricks you learn from outstanding boxing sesh on TV.

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How To Start Boxing At Home - Best Tips And Recommendations For A Noob!

Keeping practicing day-to-day makes you professional someday

Wrapping Up

Closing the gyms doesn’t mean you have to stop great workouts at home. Watching more video tutorials on youtube about ‘’how to start boxing at home’’ is also a good idea to help you learn the basic techniques first and then improve the postures and exercises more advanced.

The dream of standing in the stands and competing like a real boxer is probably not too far away for you.

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