What To Wear Under Muay Thai Shorts? (Best Option)

Are you curious about what to wear under Muay Thai shorts? Let’s have a look at the article below and explore this secret of Muay Thai fighters.

Muay Thai is a popular martial art originating from Thailand. Given how fast-paced and competitive each fighting round is, it should be no surprise that this type of sport earns a huge audience. While many people are interested in the techniques employed by fighters, others are more curious about mundane issues, such as its sportswear.

If you share this sentiment, then this article is for you. Keep reading to see one of its most overlooked aspects, which is what to wear under Muay Thai shorts.

What To Wear Under Muay Thai Shorts?

What To Wear Under Muay Thai Shorts

It is best that you wear compression shorts under your standard Muay Thai shorts. 

These clothes are body-fitting, which do not interfere with your quick movements. They are also elastic enough to accommodate your kicks and thick enough to cover your groin entirely. 

Even better, high-quality compression shorts are breathable, leaving your body plenty of room to ventilate and preventing sweat from forming across your nether parts. 

If you are looking for full frontal protection, consider buying shorts with sewn-in cups to block out any external pressure.

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What You Need To Know About Muay Thai shorts

Muay Thai shorts are pretty much the must-have outfit for fighters. The main reason behind this choice is that they are not restrictive. The design of Muay Thai shorts allows fighters to move swiftly on the ring without feeling uncomfortable. 

Furthermore, intense moves such as kicking or grappling will not cause the shorts to fall or become torn. And, of course, the spaciousness of Muay Thai shorts means you can wear protective gears and compression shorts underneath with ease.

While the idea behind Muay Thai shorts is universal, its actual selection is quite impressive. Muay Thai shorts can be made from a wide range of materials, including polyester-blend, satin, and nylon.


Polyester-blend is new to the market, but it has risen in popularity in recent years. Not only is this substance durable and not prone to daily wear and tear, but it is also lightweight and snug. Most professional Muay Thai fighters would go for this option right away.

That being said, polyester-blend is not affordable for everyone. Since you will need at least a few pairs of shorts to change from time to time, investing a few hundred dollars in these products can prove complicated.


What To Wear Under Muay Thai Shorts

Satin is arguably the softest and most comfy material for wearers. It is smooth upon direct contact with the skin and is available in multiple colors. Should you want to look glossy and shiny while grappling with other opponents, satin Muay Thai shorts are highly recommended.

On the other hand, satin does not do well with moisture. When you sweat, the material will become see-through almost instantly. Therefore, omit bright colors like white or light blue and stick to darker tones instead. This way, you do not risk having your privates exposed to the audience.


Many Muay Thai beginners wear nylon shorts during their first practices. This material is extremely cheap, making it accessible to everyone. Nylon is also lightweight and breathable if the fight gets heated.

However, similar to satin, nylon gets soaked easily. It is also more tearable, so you might have to replace these shorts regularly.

If you need more advice on which kind of Muay Thai shorts to choose, have a look at this review video and explore the most recommended products.


1. Is there anything to replace compression shorts under Muay Thai shorts?

If you do not have compression shorts, boxers or briefs can do the job temporarily. Admittedly, they are not as durable and flexible as compression shorts. But they are still body-fitting enough to let you move around without causing restrictions or discomfort.

2. What do women wear under Muay Thai shorts?

Female fighters can choose to wear leggings or sports shorts under their standard Muay Thai shorts. If the weather gets a bit too cold, the former is preferable thanks to its ability to keep the legs warm. But if you prioritize comfort, short sports are more suited.

3. Are Muay Thai shorts unisex?

What To Wear Under Muay Thai Shorts 3

In the past, Muay Thai shorts were seen as unisex, partly because the number of female participants was low. However, as more and more women choose to partake in this kind of sport, there have been numerous female-centric Muay Thai shorts offered to fit women only. 

4. Can Muay Thai shorts be worn in public?

It depends on where you live and what places you wish to visit. 

If it is a quick trip to the grocery store or somewhere within walking distance, Muay Thai shorts provide a quick and comfortable bottom wear. But should you want to go somewhere more formal and crowded, Muay Thai shorts are too slack.

5. Can I wear leggings to Muay Thai training sessions?

Yes, you can. Form-fitting leggings are not restrictive of your body movements. Furthermore, they can be useful when it comes to leg protection and ventilation. 

Thus, lots of people opt for leggings during Muay Thai training sessions, especially if they are not comfortable with compression shorts.

6. How tight should Muay Thai shorts be?

When shopping for Muay Thai shorts, make sure to look for products that are tight around the waist but loose and baggy on your legs. This way, you will be able to fight without feeling uncomfortable.


At this point, what to wear under Muay Thai shorts is no longer a mystery to you. If you ever want to engage in this type of sport, make sure to choose suitable shorts and underwear for the best performance!

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