What Do Wrestlers Wear Under Their Singlets? (Proper Dress Code For Wrestlers)

Our post will be your lifesaver if you are asking yourself, “What do wrestlers wear under their singlets?” Read on for more information on wrestlers’ outfits. 

If you are a beginner in wrestling, you might find what to wear tricky. There are dozens of questions like “What do wrestlers wear under their singlets?” or “What do I need to wear?” Well, if you also share the same concerns, today’s post is for you.  

What Do Wrestlers Wear Under Their Singlets?

You can wear jockstraps, briefs, and maybe even cups underneath your wrestling singlet. However, please remember that if you would like to participate in competitions, there may be certain restrictions on what you may use underneath your wrestling singlet.

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What Is A Wrestling Singlet?

A wrestling singlet is an essential item of wrestlers’ clothing. It’s a customized outfit that amateur fighters use in professional games. It’s a one-piece, form-fitting costume composed of elastic materials like spandex or lycra (sometimes both).

The singlet’s form is functional. Since wrestling is a body-contact combat sport where you compete by physically defeating your rival, 2-piece outfits are not practicable. There are many physical interactions, and you can only succeed if you can grip, shove, and drag your rival.

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This is also why the singlet is so form-fitting. This prevents the competitors from holding one other’s outfits, which is also a prohibited action for amateur wrestlers. This also helps the judges fully observe all of the combatants’ movements in the fight.

Despite the design differing, a singlet is sported by both guys and ladies — the cut of female singlets is often higher than males’.

In terms of colors, a singlet’s color often follows the uniform of the fighter’s team, especially for junior high and college wrestling events. Outside of that, singlets are typically red and blue, as seen in the Olympics. 

Surprisingly, singlets were once prohibited in junior high and college wrestling events until the early 1970s. Indeed, only after the National Collegiate Athletic Association banned shirtless outfits did singlets rise in popularity.

Nowadays, a unique design of a singlet known as a doublet is becoming increasingly popular in college wrestling, and it protects more of the top parts than the classic one; the top section of the doublet appears to resemble a t-shirt than the classic singlet.

A singlet comes in 3 different cuts: high, FILA, and low. The 1st kind embraces most of the top area and approaches the underarms on the sides; thus, ladies often wear it. Meanwhile, The FILA style is comparable to the first one; however, it doesn’t go as high.

At the Olympics and International Competitions, only these 2 types of singlets are accepted. Low-cut ones that stretch down to the lower belly and hips are the most exposing. They are the most useful in the game but are prohibited in larger events.

Singlets are also popular in professional wrestling; however, they are not mandatory.

Do Wrestlers Wear Cups Under Singlets?

Sporting additional clothing over or beneath a singlet is often banned. A t-shirt may be acceptable, but only in rare cases, like some dermatological issues that necessitate more skin coverage. Women may use athletic bras underneath their singlets.

Professional athletes have 3 selections for undies: none, a jockstrap, or basic briefs.

For a long while, a jockstrap had been very common – even compulsory in high school and collegiate events – but that changed over the centuries, and they’ve been far less common as the decades went by.

Nowadays, high school and collegiate contests do not entail the utilization of a jockstrap. Instead, wrestlers opt for standard briefs as their favorite option.

Other Pieces Of Wrestling Equipment

Since the regulations are the same for all classes and groups, we’ll provide you with the essential items you’ll require for amateur wrestlers at all levels in this post.

Unlike a few combat sports, amateur wrestling maintains a standardized attire that is rigorously regulated and can only be adjusted in unique and rare conditions, which we’ll learn later. Hence, read on if you want to equip yourself with proper wrestling clothing.


Wrestling contestants must use specific footwear. Wrestlers’ shoes are comparable to boxers’ footwear, but they differ at some points. Compared to conventional footwear for other sports, wrestling shoes are totally different.

These shoes are usually lightweight and supple, resulting in increased mobility and comfort. They also provide excellent support and stability, which is vital for wrestlers.

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If a competitor uses laces on his wrestling footwear, they must be secured throughout the fight to prevent them from coming loosened and interfering with the contest.


The use of earwear is not usually vital in professional wrestling. However, it is mandatory among American school and university wrestlers. But besides that, headwear is optional for different leagues and events.

The prime goal of these many forms of headwear is to safeguard the combatants’ heads from significant wounds and keep them from getting cauliflower ears.

See what are cauliflower ears here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeoXfT6BrwQ


These small silicone cups go around your ears and are secured by bands that wrap around your head’s rear, side, and front. In the USA, sporting eyewear is compulsory.

This earwear shields your ears from the pounding they might generally suffer. The fragile blood veins inside your ears might burst or tear after a hardcore match if it isn’t used.

This could cause blood cysts to grow inside the ears. As a result, your ears might be severely deformed over time, and the shells of the ears might be wrapped in huge bumps, leading to cauliflower ears.

Wrapping Up 

Now, you have your answer to “What do wrestlers wear under their singlets?” and other clothing items you might need to join the game. Hopefully, today’s post has helped you better equip yourself before entering this hardcore sport. Good luck! 

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