Is Muay Thai More Dangerous Than MMA? (Final Answer)

Several elements can influence whether or not a combative sport is harmful. Both Muay Thai and MMA are excessively aggressive, with fighters kicking, punching, and injuring one another. So is Muay Thai more dangerous than MMA (mixed martial arts)? Which of these two combat techniques is the most dangerous? This question will have it answered right below! 

Is Muay Thai More Dangerous Than MMA?

There are no official records of injuries or deaths in Muay Thai, but yes, Muay Thai may be more dangerous than MMA since the emergency and medical conditions of Muay Thai are very poor. 

Unlike Muay Thai, MMA’s combat atmosphere is safer and more sanctioned, which may be less risky. As a result, if something goes wrong during the battle, the competitors may seek immediate medical help. 

Furthermore, while Muay Thai fighters start training at very young ages, most MMA athletes do not begin training or fighting until they are well past their formative years. As a result, MMA competitors are more prepared and mature to deal with the dangers of combat than Muay Thai fighters. 

Another element that may make MMA less risky than Muay Thai is that a battle in MMA can win in various ways. For example, most MMA fighters avoid striking or punching. So, an MMA fighter may win battles in various less dangerous methods. This is not feasible in Muay Thai since you must strike your opponent.

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Is Muay Thai More Dangerous Than MMA

Muay Thai Vs. MMA Strategies

MMA focuses on professional bouts and teaching people to fight within the rules. The primary aim is to learn how to fight in the standup, clinch, and on the ground while developing all-around abilities. On fight night, fighters use hitting and grappling with imposing their will inside the ring.

Muay Thai is a high-intensity striking method that places a high value on competitiveness like MMA. Students learn how to attack with punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and some grappling principles using all of their limbs as weapons.

The objective is always the same when it comes to strategy. Each hit should be delivered ferocity to knock out your opponent before the timer runs out.

If you are curious how different are MMA and Muay Thai, check out the comparison of MMA and Muay Thai strikings tips here.

Muay Thai Vs. MMA Techniques

The most flexible fighting sport is mixed martial arts (MMA). Because it combines grappling, hitting, and ground fighting tactics into one combat style, it is far more sophisticated than Muay Thai. Because listing all of the methods would be nearly impossible, here is a quick rundown of what students learn in training:

  • Striking (boxing punches, kicks, knees, and elbows)
  • Takedowns (single/double leg, sweeps, trips, throws)
  • Chokes (rear-naked choke, D’arce, Anaconda)
  • Joint locks (armbar, kimura, kneebar)
  • Positions (full mount, side-control, closed guard, back mount)

Muay Thai tactics are not overly complicated but relatively simple to grasp. Fighters use all of their limbs as weapons:

  • Punches (hooks, uppercuts, jabs)
  • Kicks (roundhouse kicks, front kicks, tips)
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Trips and throws
Is Muay Thai More Dangerous Than MMA

Muay Thai And MMA Rules

The rules of MMA are straightforward to comprehend. Fighters engage in various sizes and forms within the steel cage, employing diverse grappling, punching, and ground fighting methods. The renowned Unified Rules of MMA, which were developed in 2000, are used by the majority of promotions:

  • Non-title contests have three rounds, each lasting five minutes. While there are five rounds in a title fight, each lasting five minutes. And a one-minute pause separates every round.
  • The fighters wear a pair of 4-ounce open-fingered gloves and shorts.
  • Soccer kicks, foot stomps, strikes to the back of the head or groin region, and eye-gouging are prohibited.
  • Three judges sit beside the cage and score the fight using the well-known scoring method borrowed from boxing.

Muay Thai regulations are also simple and do not alter much between organizations:

  • Each match consists of five rounds, each lasting three minutes.
  • A 2-minute pause separates each round.
  • All combatants wear muay Thai boxing gloves, shorts, mouth guards, and armbands (optional).
  • Knockout, decision, or disqualification can all be used to terminate a match.


1.  Which is better, Muay Thai or MMA?

Because MMA is made up of numerous combat sports and martial arts worldwide, including Muay Thai, it is a better and more comprehensive combat sport. But, as we previously stated, Muay Thai is only one aspect of mixed martial arts (MMA), and it would be an excellent place to begin MMA training.

2. Is Muay Thai good for MMA?

Yes. It’s no surprise that Muay Thai, the world’s most potent striking martial art, has become one of the essential foundations of the massively popular and rapidly rising sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Because of Muay Thai’s broad spectrum of techniques, an MMA fighter can employ various tools throughout a battle.

Is Muay Thai More Dangerous Than MMA


Now you know the answer to “Is Muay Thai more dangerous than MMA?” and have an overview of the similarities and the differences in strategies, techniques, and rules between these two sports. Though both are dangerous, please enjoy watching the fights with no worries, because the fighters are trained to know how to reduce injuries, and any passions take sacrifice.

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