What is A Rabbit Punch in Boxing? And Why is it Illegal?

The following article will explain to you in detail “what is a rabbit punch in boxing” and give a lot of useful information about this term.

The term rabbit punch may not make many people aware of how dangerous it is to hear at first glance, but the reality is quite the opposite. In fact, this type of punch has caused many deaths for boxers throughout its history.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the definition of “what is a rabbit punch in boxing” and the issues surrounding it.

What is A Rabbit Punch in Boxing

What is a Rabbit Punch in Boxing?

A rabbit punch is a punch that connects with the back of an opponent’s head or neck. The blow can be devastating and has been banned in most combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Rabbit punches are illegal in most combat sports because they’re considered among the most dangerous techniques in all of boxing. They are particularly dangerous because they are often not seen by referees, who are usually focused on watching for illegal blows to the front of fighters’ heads and bodies.

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The referee may administer an immediate warning for rabbit punches or disqualify the fighter depending on how egregious the infraction is perceived.

The rabbit punch doesn’t just hurt your opponent; it can also cause serious injury if he turns around at the last second and catches you with one while you’re punching away at his head or neck from behind him.

Rabbit punches are sometimes called “backhands” for a good reason: They resemble backhands more than anything else in boxing because they don’t have much power and are thrown without much commitment from the thrower (i.e., without putting much muscle into them).

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Why is it called Rabbit Punch?

The name “Rabbit punch” comes from hunting. In this method, hunters use their fists to punch rabbits in the head rather than a club or other weapon. 

Some hunters stun rabbits by striking the back of the animal’s skull with a club, breaking its spinal cord. Others grab rabbits by the neck, place their other hand under the chin, and press it straight back until the neck breaks.

It can be used as an offensive or defensive move, as it can be used to attack or defend against an opponent who is near you. 

However, it also has many variations designed for specific purposes, so if you learn how to do Rabbit Punch correctly, you will not only be able to beat your opponent but also defend yourself from their attacks.

Watch the following video for more information: Rabbit Punch

Why is Rabbit Punch illegal in Boxing?

Rabbit punches are illegal in boxing for several reasons. First, they are dangerous, potentially causing injury to the fighter receiving them. They can also be used to gain an unfair advantage in a fight.

Rabbit punches are strikes to the back of the head or neck of an opponent. Boxers who use this technique often do so, intending to knock their opponent out. The rabbit punch has been outlawed since 1884, when the Marquess of Queensberry Rules refused it.

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A rabbit punch can be delivered with either hand, and it is often used as an uppercut or hooking blow. The rabbit punch was once very common in boxing. Still, it has been banned from competition since 1937, when Jack Dempsey was disqualified from his heavyweight title fight against Gene Tunney for using this blow against Tunney during their fight at Yankee Stadium.

In fact, both participants in a match can be disqualified if they use this type of blow against one another during their game!

Penalties for Throwing a Rabbit Punch

Penalties for throwing a rabbit punch include disqualification, a fine, and suspension from competition. The penalty’s severity depends on the injured boxer’s medical condition. In some instances, throwing a rabbit punch can result in criminal charges.

Disqualification: The referee will disqualify a boxer for using an illegal blow or foul. This means that the boxer loses by technical knockout (TKO), which is announced as soon as the fight is called off. A TKO can occur if one fighter is unable to continue fighting due to injury or if he decides he cannot continue after being injured by an illegal blow.

Fine: In addition to disqualification, a boxer who throws an illegal blow may face fines and suspension from competition. These penalties are usually imposed by state boxing commissions, not athletic commissions regulating professional fights in North America and Europe.

Suspension: A boxer who intentionally uses an illegal blow faces suspension from competition until he can prove his innocence before his state boxing commission or national governing body for amateur fighters. Exhibition matches are exempt from this rule unless the exhibition is sanctioned by USA Boxing or another national governing body for amateur boxers.


Now, through this article, you know “What is a rabbit punch in boxing.” Even veteran boxers are never complacent or subjective with the possibilities that may happen in a match. Those who use the rabbit punch will be warned, deducted points, or worse, disqualification.

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