Boxing Bar Alternative For Boxers To Consider 2022

Boxing bars are a unique breed of training device, as not many other items in the training room are going to hit you right back. In this case, what can you find to replace it? 

If you cannot afford to dent your wall during the installation process, or you simply don’t have space for it, here is a list of devices that can serve as a boxing bar alternative for you, including a speed trainer or wing Chun wooden dummy. 

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What Qualities Should A Boxing Bar Alternative Have?

As we all know, a boxing bar stands on a pole to mimic your opponent’s height and striking range. The bar is asymmetrical, with one short circle padded plate on one side connected to a long padded bar on the other. This setup means that the bar will spin and hit you back on the other side if you punch on the circle plate.

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Image 1. Boxing Bar.

The shape of the pads does not stay consistent throughout brands and manufacturers, however. Some designs indicate the punching zone by making the punching pad into a knuckle or diamond shape for clear indication. The common point is that the punching pad is flat, and it causes a reaction to spin the bar on the other side.

The basic gist of a boxing bar is: You hit it, and it hits you back. Practicing with a boxing bar helps you train your defense and dodging reflexes, as well as solidifying your stance and guard. Now with that in mind, let’s see what devices can do boxing bars’ job.

What Is Boxing Bar Alternative?

  • Speed Trainer:

Same as a boxing bar, the speed trainer has a function that responds to the user’s hits. This wall-mounted device has a bar that spins 360° that lets you hit it for it to come full circle on your other side. The result is slightly delayed from what you can get from a boxing bar, but the effect is the same.

What differs the speed trainer from the boxing bar is the hitting zone. Since you don’t have a pad to indicate where your fist should go, you are going to have to aim for precision for that bar. The practiced movement is no longer “punch and block”; it is now “aim, punch and block”. This moveset will prove itself to be extremely useful in the ring.

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Hitting above or below the bar that comes at you will cause the power of the punch to be severely reduced and your fists to ache. This accurately reflects how punching your opponent’s arms or side profile during a match is going to be. Though aiming for those sweet spots can throw your opponent off their rhythm, if you’re not careful, you’ll hurt yourself.

Practically speaking, the speed trainer has two main advantages. Since it is not on a standee or a reservoir block like other training devices but rather wall-mounted, the speed trainer does not take up as much space, and it’s easy to set up. 

Additionally, it is also less pricey than many training devices of the same function, making it quite the contender in the current training gear market!

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  1. Wing Chun Wooden Dummy:

Aside from the speed trainer, we would also like to suggest another training device. Wing Chun dummy, mu ren zhuang, or martial arts wooden dummy are the three names used to call the cylindrical block of wood with protruding “arms” and “legs” on its sides. Same as a boxing bar, this device helps you train your defense tactics and various guards/dodging moves.

The mechanism is as simple as before: You hit on either the dummy’s surface or one of its limbs, and it will spin, resulting in limbs on the other side of the dummy attacking you. 

But now, the attacks are not just limited to your upper body anymore, and you will have to jump or move out of the way or risk the lower wooden poles hitting you on the leg or hip. 

Boxing Bar Alternative Mu Ren Zhuang Dummy.

Image 3. Mu Ren Zhuang Dummy.

At this point, you should be able to see why people will favor the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy over boxing bars already. The move set it trains you on is much more diverse, multiangular, and challenging, and you will have more hitting sweet spots to explore other than just striking against the strike. The aiming difficulty is similar to that of the speed trainer since they both use bars.

The only two downsides to using the wooden dummy are the space it occupies in your room and the dent it makes on your budget.


And that last item concludes our list of devices that can be a boxing bar alternative! Now you can train your reflexes, practice your strategy and grow as a boxer with ease. So head out, get yourself some training gears, put on your headband, and get sweaty for the fight!

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