Boxing Shoe Alternative For Those Who Need!

What is the best substitute for a pair of boxing shoes? Are there wrestling shoes or another one?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money for professional boxer’s footwear or if they’re not available in your area. You can consider boxing shoe alternatives from other sports shoes, for example, basketball, running, or training shoes. Ensure that you will have an interesting experience with this combat sport.

What Qualities Of Boxing Shoes?

Boxing shoes are very important. Once you’re in the industry either as an amateur boxer or a professional foot in the game, shoes are compulsory, and no one is allowed to fight barefoot. Let’s take a look at the qualities that make up a great pair of boxing shoes:

  • Traction: Shoes should not be the element holding you back or making you slip and fall in the ring. Having enough friction to your feet will increase your stability and speed in your fights!
  • Ankle support: The ankle can be severely injured while you shuffle about to land and dodge hits. Boxing shoes, therefore, are designed to rise above the ankle to keep your foot and its joint as one unit.

Boxing shoes should have all these qualities to be standardized.

  • Lightweightness: Despite their increased ability to protect and support a boxer’s feet, boxing shoes are extremely airy and light. This feature allows the shoes to differentiate themselves from other sports footwear and assist fighters in their particular field. 
  • Durability: Not many shoes can withstand the pressure and damage that movements in boxing matches, so specialized footwear must stand up to that task. The materials used to make boxing shoes can be suede or leather to sustain against drastic force and maintain their shape, thus being optimal at keeping boxers’ feet safe.
  • Comfort: Sturdiness should not mean stiffness, and boxing shoes have to give their wearers utmost comfort to ensure their performance. It’s a very hard bill to fill, but these wonderful shoes can achieve this just fine. Also, most boxing footwear is designed for sweat protection as well, so that your feet will never be damp and irritated!

Special shoes are made with these standards in mind, so they should fill in these guidelines if you happen to use other shoes. Let’s see how other shoe alternatives can hold up!

Boxing Shoe Alternative – What Are There? 

Basketball Shoes:

Basketball shoes are generally much wider than other kinds of sports shoes due to their large and dense soles. The soles are designed to protect your ankle, heel, tendons, and all, so the shoes can be very sturdy!

The wide soles give you more durability to work with!

This kind of design also makes them considerably heavier than typical boxing shoes while maintaining their speed and versatility during movement. Boxing shoes should be your second choice of footwear if specialized footwear isn’t available. 

And as an added bonus, when your feet are familiar with heavy basketball shoes, switching to lighter boxing shoes will be easier. You’ll find yourself moving even faster as a result!

Running Shoes:

Running shoes do not provide your feet with a lot of protection since they’re quite thin. Especially when the shoes’ tips are so flimsy, you will not get too much support for your toes and ankle. 

While not as wide as the kind you wear in basketball, running shoes can be adequate. Despite being the most popular choice of shoes out of this list, it is not the best to box and fight in.

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Running shoes may lack sole support.

But the bottom of the shoes has a lot of room for your foot to settle in, helping you turn and pivot much more effectively. This kind of feature on running shoes lets newbies practice their footwork and warm up the best out of any kind of footwear. If you don’t want to make a huge investment at the start of your training, running shoes are a viable option for sure!

Training Shoes:

As the name suggests, this form of shoes is made to support you in weight-lifting and warm-up exercises. There is a decent amount of protection for the top of your feet, but it rather lacks at the bottom and heel. As you press down into weight more and more during your boxing match, you’ll hurt your feet way more.

If training shoes are your choice of footwear, you can make up for the lack of support by stretching and preparing your feet more thoroughly than with other shoes. Wearing high socks is also a great way to make up for the lack of ankle protection!

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Training shoes might be lacking, but you can make up with a warm-up.


There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to the boxing shoe alternative! No matter what you choose to wear before going into boxing, don’t forget that your footwear needs to protect your foot and ankle without sacrificing your comfort and mobility. With that final note, we wish you luck in the ring!

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