How Often Do Boxers Fight (The Details May Surprise You)

If you are interested in becoming a boxing star and don’t know “how often do boxers fight,” continue reading to get the detailed answer.

Generally, it may be a puzzling matter why some boxers only fight a couple of times a year while others appear to fight every month. For example, a fighter might spar more often to earn money or less often due to safety concerns.  

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Actually, to answer “how often do boxers fight,” many factors are involved. This article will provide you with all the necessary information to understand their choice of fighting schedule, especially how many times a year do professional boxers fight. Don’t miss out until the end.

How often do boxers fight?

Essentially, the correct answer depends on many aspects: money, health, safety, etc. Newer boxers might try to fight as much as possible to gain experience, a reputation, and a good record. However, some boxing stars are concerned about their health and fight 2-3 times per year.

To get more information about this matter, continue reading to understand how often boxers fight at each level.

Newer boxers

There is a truth that newer boxers will spar more often than boxing stars. They might have fights lined up every 4-6 weeks. 

Here are 3 reasons why newer boxers have to compete frequently:

  • Learning practical fighting techniques: Experience is one of the most crucial factors for newbies. Hence, the more fights they have, the more experience they gain.
  • Fighting for money: money is also a problem for newer fighters. They must pay for their boxing team and all the bills associated with their career. Thus, they might spar more often until they get paid more or become well-known boxers due to these costs.
  • Gaining recognition: In general, a famous boxer can earn more money although he fights less often. Because the more popular a fighter is, the higher cash per match that he can receive. They are just in the first step of their career, so they might frequently spar to get a good record and make their image gradually familiar with boxing fans.
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Amateur boxers

A boxer on the amateur level is still on the way to becoming a boxing star. Therefore, they will have about 30 fights per year or more to reach a new career level. 

Furthermore, fighting on an amateur level is an excellent method for getting more real boxing experience. Mistakes made by boxers of this level are easily acceptable. But when facing a top fighter, even a small mistake will cost you dearly. No boxers want their professional career to begin with a losing record. 

That’s the reason why fighters will try to prolong their amateur career to become as experienced as possible. Thus, the opportunity for amateur boxers is the valuable experience to correct their mistakes.

Boxing stars

Someone might ask how many times a year do professional boxers fight. As mentioned in the previous section, the more successful fighters become, the less they will fight. So, statistically, a boxing star typically fights less than 4 times a year.

In detail, Floyd Mayweather will be a typical example of this matter:

  • He had started his career with 20 fights in 3 years. That means his average was 6.7 fights per year.
  • However, since Mayweather won the lineal and WBC super featherweight belts in late 1998, his average fights per year down to 1.81 (from 1999 – 2015). Because in 1999, he only fought three times in an entire year. And in the next 15 years, Floyd Mayweather just had 26 professional fights. 
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Yet, why do professional boxers fight less often than the newer ones? As we all know, boxing may take a lot of health risks. And brain trauma is a primary concern of almost all boxers because this injury can not completely heal and seriously affect the next fights. Therefore, all boxing stars have an objective to win a championship of a world boxing tournament. Then they can earn more money but fighting less often to reduce risks.


1. How many fights do boxers have in their career? 

This depends on the class of each boxer. For example, a heavyweight boxer with a career length of around 19 years has roughly 3 fights per year. This means they would have to engage in nearly 60 fights during their career.

2. How many rest days do boxers have?

Boxers are allowed to have their rest days as flexible as possible. Usually, after a big fight, boxers are recommended to have at least a few days off for their joints to recover. 

During their standard training period, boxers should take 1 day off per week for health maintenance.


To sum up, depending on which stage of their boxing career they are in, the answer for “How often do boxers fight?” will be different. Specifically, the more professional boxers are, the less often they compete. Hopefully, through this article, you can find it helpful for your boxing passion.

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