Can You Lose Weight With Boxing? Reveal The Secret!

Boxing is not only an entertainment method but also a world-class sport. Then can you lose weight with boxing? Keep scrolling down below for your detailed answer!

If you once questioned, “can you lose weight with boxing?”, the answer is certainly yes. Boxing is truly a great weight loss measure for many reasons. It is a high-intensity workout that can burn calories and sculpt your body at the same time. 

Let our post get you access to how boxing can help you lose weight and all related information on this article.

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Can boxing help you lose weight?

Can You Lose Weight with Boxing? – In What Ways?

Boxing can help us drop our pounds and reach our goals in many different ways. Here are our three ideas on how boxing affects your body weight to keep you in shape.

  1. Boxing helps to burn calories.

As a high-intensity cardio workout, boxing can offer a significant calorie burn of up to 1000. Statistics also show that this figure is higher than almost all other cardiovascular exercises like jogging, walking, or running.

This extremely high burning rate is mostly because a typical boxing workout helps raise your heart rate to your cardio zone and burn serious calories. Enable you to feel the burn during your training session, and if you box right, the amount of burned calories will not disappoint you.

Therefore, boxing can even be a weight-loss champion if you utilize it properly.

  1. Boxing works on belly fat.

Besides being a serious calories burner, boxing also does well with burning fat. 

Thanks to high intensity, it can easily burn visceral fat or belly fat. Moreover, this kind of fat might release toxins that threaten the ways your body works and lead to dangerous diseases. Some to name are heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancers.

By practicing boxing, you can burn your belly fat, stay away from medical risks while owning an ideal slime waist.

  1. Boxing is an entire body workout.

This kind of exercise requires every muscle group of your body to join in a high-intensity level of workout. You will have to move your full body around and constantly punch with speed. Forcing all muscle mass of your body to work its best.

Resulting in optimal fitness and a faster weight loss solution.

Can You Lose Weight With Boxing

Boxing-No pain, no gain.

Moreover, moving all your body is extremely efficient in muscle building. Muscle gain will help you feel more toned, lean and keep you stay in shape. Nevertheless, remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so you might not see the progress on the scale. 

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If your goal is weight loss, consider suitable boxing training to achieve full efficiency.

How To Maximize Boxing For Weight Loss? 

Though boxing offers amazing solutions to weight loss, fitness boosting, and health, it also requires intensive workout levels. That’s why there are some notes to keep in mind while exercising.

First, to utilize boxing to its fullest, you will need to take it as a regular healthy habit, complemented with a balanced diet. Only by regular workouts can you get your body into the habit of exercising for better weight loss. 

Then, take in the right amount of foods and avoid over-processed foods, especially white flour and artificial sweetener.

Moreover, you do not have to force yourselves to work too hard on your very first try because it might lead to some muscle damage. You should know yourselves well and box in the proper ways. We highly recommend you do it with your PT for the best experience.

Boxing surely will be hard, and all preparations are useless if it doesn’t come along with perseverance and determination. If you’re here to lose weight, it is going to be hard at first! 

Yet Muhammad Ali, one of the most significant and celebrated sporting figures of the 20th century, once said: “I hate every minute of training , but I said Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”. 

So allow yourself to enjoy the process and learn from your mistakes. Stay committed to get the best results out of it.


After reading through our article, you must have figured out the answer to the question of “can you lose weight with boxing?”. 

Boxing does not only help you to lose weight but also provides efficient exercise for boosting your health and heart rate. Sometimes, it operates as a health treatment method for some serious diseases. It’s time to consider some boxing training to keep fit and stay healthy!

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