Do You Know What To Eat Before Boxing?

how to eat before boxing

Before a boxing workout, it is essential to have a light meal to get enough energy during the practicing process. If you have just started boxing and have no idea about this, follow our writing below to gain some necessary information and the precise answer to the question: What to eat before boxing. Boxing Takes … Read more

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How To Clean Boxing Gloves – 5 Best Tips

How To Clean Boxing Glove

Boxing gloves are essential items for any boxer in protecting their hands and the faces of their opponents during the fight. However, the glovers easily get dirty and smelly due to the effects of sweat and bacteria. Therefore, regular cleaning is an essential job to be done, but not everybody knows the right way to … Read more

Why Do Boxers Spit Water Out Instead Of Swallowing?

Why Do Boxers Spit Water Out Instead Of Swallowing?

If you are new to boxing, you may come across some rather novel advice, such as limiting your water intake or even not drinking during competition.  Why do boxers spit water out? We will mention the reason in this article. Let’s scroll down for more details.  Why Do Boxers Spit Water Out? High-intensity matches can … Read more

Can Boxing Cause Brain Damage? (Answered In Detail)

Can Boxing Cause Brain Damage

Boxing is a martial art that has become increasingly attractive worldwide because of its competitive nature. However, statistics show that there are boxers with different severity of injuries every year, which may sound frightening to some people. Usually, our upper body is the part that is mainly exposed when fighting, explaining why people have been … Read more