How To Become A Ring Girl For Boxing – Most Straightforward Tips

Learn how to become a ring girl for boxing and the various advantages that follow in the article below. Keep reading to find out more!

When it comes to personnel, there is more to boxing than simply bulky and aggressive boxers. If you want to participate in the boxing industry, being a ring girl can end up being a rather attractive deal. 

Not only do ring girls receive a disposable income, but they can also become influencers or hot models when the opportunity arises.

So, how to become a ring girl for boxing? And what are some relevant requirements? Let’s explore this topic by scrolling down!

How To Become A Ring Girl For Boxing

How To Become A Ring Girl For Boxing

The easiest way to become a ring girl for boxing is to sign up through an agency. Most boxing tournaments have several agencies looking for staff to take care of each event. All you have to do is to fill in the application form, send it to the agency and wait for a reply.

Should you acquire all of the relevant requirements put forward by the promoters, you will be contacted and offered to work as a ring girl.

What Is A Ring Girl For Boxing?

A ring girl is a female who walks across the ring between rounds. This role is not assigned to boxing only, since many other martial arts tournaments also use ring girls. Upon entering the ring, ring girls will have to carry a big placard indicating the next round.

This way, viewers can stay updated on how many rounds have been fought and how many rounds still remain. Hence, ring girls do play an indispensable role in the game.

Another reason why ring girls are widely welcomed is that they alleviate the stress and soften the atmosphere. Since fighting is a strenuous sight to behold, the spectator can easily get agitated should they fail to keep their emotions in check.

Thus, the presence of a female can bring about tranquility and peace, calming the belligerent crowd and making sure they are well entertained.

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What Are The Requirements For Being A Ring Girl?

You must be fit

While ring girls do not directly get involved in the sport itself, they are still considered part of the game. Therefore, it does not make sense to recruit underfed, lanky or obese ring girls. Only the ones with toned abs, arms and legs are preferred.

Not only do you have to look fit, but you also need to be physically healthy as well. As ring girls have to carry a heavy placard and walk around for minutes until the next round begins, bringing a flimsy ring girl in the ring can be troublesome.

You must be photogenic

How To Become A Ring Girl For Boxing

Most boxing rounds are recorded both for live broadcast and later use. Given how the camera is always within your vicinity, you must always appear natural in front of the crew. 

Some ring girls are fit and have great personalities that the entire crowd loves. However, they would all be for nothing if these girls fail to act naturally when being recorded.

You must be willing to maintain your body composition

The boxing industry is rather strict when it comes to body composition. After all, it is a sport and comes with demanding requirements regarding one’s appearance. 

Thus, being a ring girl means you have to achieve the conventional beauty standards in terms of height, weight and body features.

Sometimes, ring girls are even required to have a certain body type with curves. In some extreme cases, having a designated hair length is also a prerequisite.

You must take care of your skin

As mentioned above, a ring girl has to be prepared for being recorded all the time. This explains why they need to be extra attentive towards their skin, since the camera will be hovering near their face almost all the time.

Hence, having an acne breakout or any trait deemed undesirable on the face will significantly reduce your chances of being a ring girl.

You must smile most of the time

The role of ring girls is to make the audience feel welcome and relaxed after a long, strenuous fight. Thus, radiating positive energy is a must. If you look forlorn and somber all the time, you are not likely to make for a great ring girl.


1. How much do ring girls make from boxing?

How much do ring girls make from boxing

Usually, the income for ring girls is decided based on the number of matches they partake in. On average, a ring girl earns a maximum of roughly $70000 a year. Each match can bring back around $200 for each ring girl, and this number can go up to $8000.

2. How old do you have to be to become a ring girl for boxing?

You will have to be at least 18 years old if you want to sign up and become a ring girl. Anyone underage will not be accepted into the industry.


Learning how to become a ring girl for boxing should no longer be one of your concerns now. With the right physique, attitude and experience, you surely can be one if you wish to. 

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