Can You Punch A Wall With Boxing Gloves? Find Out Your Answer

Recently, you have been interested in boxing, and you want to try this sport. In case you don’t prepare enough MMA equipment like a heavy bag, what should you do? Many of you might be thinking of the alternative solution of a wall.

Then, can you punch a wall with boxing gloves? If you are wondering about this question, we will help you solve it right now with detailed explanations in this article below.

Can You Punch A Wall With Boxing Gloves? 

The answer is no. Theoretically, punching the wall can help you strengthen your knuckles. However, this method is not recommended for MMA newbies because you can perform the wrong punching technique. As a result, you may injure your hands, arms, or knuckles yourself. 

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 can you punch a wall with boxing gloves

It would be best not to punch a wall with boxing gloves.

Why Shouldn’t You Punch A Wall To Improve Hand Strength? 

It’s still a risk to punch a wall without wearing boxing gloves. Boxers don’t prefer this method to practice and enhance their hand strength. Instead, they often use a heavy boxing bag to increase punching force and speed skills. 

Science proves that the wall can’t absorb the force of your strike but even release the shock wave that reflects on you. Consequently, parts of your body, including your wrist, elbow, fist, and shoulder, will receive that impact. 

When penetrating the target, a wall is not an ideal option because you can’t strike through a solid surface like it. Assuming you do this routine for a long time, your boxing punches are just like slaps. This way is unlikely to help you improve your penetrating ability of each punching but even make you perform wrong boxing techniques. 

Also, a wall is a flat and firm structure, so it doesn’t allow you to practice complicated boxing techniques like attacking from different angles. In other words, you have little chance to develop and train the complex boxing skills of professional MMA. 

Many people suppose it is fine to hit a wall as long as they wear boxing gloves. They may not know that they can wreck their MMA gauntlets when striking onto solid facades like a brick wall after a certain period. 

 can you punch a wall with boxing gloves 3

Hand injuries in boxing

Do Boxing Gloves Soften Your Punches? 

Without a doubt, boxing gloves bring boxers thousands of benefits, and many consider them indispensable equipment in the MMA sport. 

Boxing gloves are uncomplicated and powerful, which offers security both to the boxers and to their rivals. They also diminish the force of punches by extending the continuation of each stroke and increasing the force power over a more extensive area than a naked principal would. 

Despite the fact, you should not punch a wall even when you wear boxing gloves. Instead, you can train your punching force and speed skills with a heavy boxing bag. 

Overall, fighters use mittens in MMA or combat sports for their ability to serve as shields and protect them from hand injuries or brain damage. 

 can you punch a wall with boxing gloves 4

Boxing gloves soften punching.

How Do You Punch With Boxing Gloves? 

There’s a familiar viewpoint that using boxing gloves to punch in MMA is just a piece of cake. All they have to do is wear mittens and beat. The reality proves the opposite. A pair of gages can slow your hit and lighten your strike force. If so, how do you punch with boxing gloves? Here are useful tips. 

Before taking it seriously, you need to put on a gauntlet and gently move your knuckles. Use your other hand to squeeze the glove padding around your fist. The purpose of this action is to reduce the stiffness of the mittens and make your hand fit their size for easier punching. 

When you are familiar with the gloves, let’s start practicing. With your first punches, you should use 50 percent of your force to protect your hand and let the padding move or adjust in the mitts. After a training session, your hands will get accustomed to the mitts, and you can punch using the MMA techniques with your maximum force.


1. How can I make my fist stronger without punching a wall? 

You can start strength-training by punching the boxing bag without using gloves. Bags are designed to soften the blow, so you will have an easier time increasing your fist’s strength wihout breaking the knuckles.

2. Do punches hurt with boxing gloves?

If you wear the right type of boxing gloves, then you are not likely to feel as much pain as punching bare fists. This is because boxing gloves help spread the impact and reduce the pressure you produce.

In A Nutshell 

The above-detailed information must have solved your headache question: Can you punch a wall with boxing gloves? We would state that you shouldn’t strike a brick wall even when you use professional boxing gloves because of hand injuries and other reasons. A heavy boxing bag would be enough for training purposes.

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