How To Breathe Properly While Boxing – A Guide For Beginners

Check out the best tips and tricks on how to breathe properly while boxing in the article below!

There is more to boxing than simply using your power and throwing punches. As boxing requires a healthy cardiovascular system, lacking breathing techniques can be detrimental to one’s health and performance in the ring.

Therefore, in today’s article, let’s have a look at how to breathe properly while boxing. These tips and tricks will surely come in handy if you wish to improve your boxing skills.

How To Breathe Properly While Boxing

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There is no single boxing technique applied to all boxing situations. Rather, in different circumstances, there will be unique breathing techniques that boxers need to employ.

For example, if you want to relax and lengthen your time on the ring, slow and controlled breaths are more suitable. Vice versa, drawing in quick and rapid breaths helps you increase your strength and energy level, thus making them ideal for fast movements.

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2 Breathing Techniques For Different Movements

As mentioned above, each movement in boxing calls for a different level and intensity of breathing. Below is a more detailed explanation of how this pans out in reality.

Fast and rapid breaths

If you want to throw a punch, slip and roll under, or work on your footwork, you are advised to inhale and exhale as quickly as you can. This provides boxers with a sudden increase in their stamina and power reserve, thus creating an energy burst. 

Subsequently, each punch thrown will increase in power substantially.

Now, before you want to engage in a quick move, make sure to inhale gradually and slowly through your nose. Then, exhale quickly using your mouth and repeat the first step again. Remember, it is all about the balance between inhaling and exhaling that makes you more energetic.

There is one thing you need to be aware of, and it is trying to keep your mouth shut while inhaling. This helps minimize the chance of having your jaw broken by the opponent should they land a punch on your face.

Furthermore, make sure the breath reaches your stomach instead of merely into your chest. The deeper your breath is, the more oxygen it draws out. Having a highly oxygenated breath gives you the upper hand while attacking the other person in the ring.

Slow and controlled breaths

Slow and controlled breaths are the best when you need to recollect yourself and give your body a moment or two to revitalize. Furthermore, it helps you calm down and start calculating your movements all over again, especially if you have fallen into an undesirable situation.

how to breathe properly while boxing

Now, since slow breaths are not suitable for close fights and sparring, you should take the opportunity to breathe slowly whenever you are out of your opponent’s range. 

Another time for slow breaths is when you rest in between rounds and move around the ring. These are perfect times to regain your composure and stay collected.

How to breathe slowly should be easy enough, since all you have to do is to inhale and exhale gently through the nose. Remember, it is much better if you can manage to extend your breath and let it reach all the way down to your stomach. 

Shallow breathing is not as effective, not to mention how it can make you feel even more tired if not done properly.

While some people look down on slow breaths and deem them unsuitable for boxing, the opposite is actually true. Slow breathing may seem effortless, but it takes a strong will to stay calm during the most rigorous fights. 

Furthermore, slow breaths mean you get to save your energy for emergencies when you need to strike back at your opponent. Thus, learning how to breathe with control is utterly important.

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3 Benefits Of Breathing Properly While Boxing

It saves your energy

If you know when to breathe quickly and when to inhale slowly, chances are your stamina will not be wasted. Remember, boxing is all about playing the long game. 

Should your endurance run out before that of your opponent, you are more likely to be knocked out. Thus, make sure to save your breath and keep control of your cardiovascular system.

It maximizes your power when the time comes

When you need to land a decisive punch on your opponent, inhaling and exhaling sharply will help you attain your maximal power. Since it gives you the much-needed energy bursts, your fish’s power and impact will be much more formidable.

It increases your agility

People with improper breathing techniques tend to find themselves struggling to move around effortlessly. This is because all their energy is used up and their mind is all consumed by tiredness.

how to breathe properly while boxing 2

But professionally trained boxers are less likely to fall prey to this issue, mostly thanks to their ability to maintain and hold their breath. Breathing revitalizes the mind and refreshes your body. As long as you can control your energy flow, you are more likely to move fluidly.


Learning how to breathe properly while boxing can make a huge difference regarding the outcome. Make sure you know when to draw short breaths and when to breathe calmly. As long as you master the breathing techniques of boxing, you will be good to go!

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