Why Do Boxers Spit Water Out Instead Of Swallowing?

If you are new to boxing, you may come across some rather novel advice, such as limiting your water intake or even not drinking during competition. 

Why do boxers spit water out? We will mention the reason in this article. Let’s scroll down for more details. 

Why Do Boxers Spit Water Out?

High-intensity matches can lead to excessive sweating and dry mouth. Therefore, the boxer deals with this situation by adding water without actually swallowing it.

Besides, professional boxing matches are always tough. Gladiators often experience broken teeth or torn lips while competing. That’s why some people hydrate and spit it out to clean the blood in the oral cavity.

Finally, boxers are generally not allowed to drink water in competition. But why? We will cover the reason in the next section.

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Why Do Boxers Not Drink Water?

Most athletes who have to go through a hard workout do not drink water before competing. The first reason is that a lot of water can dilute the gastric juices leading to bloating and bowel movements.

More specifically, with boxers, strong blows to the stomach can make them vomit if they drink too much water before. They are also more likely to experience cramps if not follow the guidelines.

Why Do Boxers Have Spit Buckets?

Boxers spit in buckets just because they want to eliminate unwanted substances like blood, phlegm, or vaseline in their mouths without contaminating the floor. Some have this habit, but it is optional.

However, a new regulation was issued due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. The boxers can take mouthwash and spit into a bucket placed in the corner. Each boxer has his equipment and will be disinfected after use.

Why Do Boxers Spit Water Out Instead Of Swallowing?

Spitting in buckets is mandatory during the COVID-19 outbreak

Why Do Boxers Not Drink Alcohol?

Three factors that determine the success of a boxer include strength, force, and reflexes. Unfortunately, alcohol harms all sides. 

In other words, alcohol slows down the brain’s ability to process information for 24 hours. It can also lead to cramps, muscle tension, and drag during competition. All of these are not very bright scenarios when you are trying to win.

For boxers who suffer from soft tissue injuries, never try a little alcohol without thinking about the consequences. Alcohol opens up the blood vessels, which leads to swelling of the wound. It also makes your body dehydrated and slows down recovery.


1. Why do boxers pour water down their shorts?

Boxers pour water down their shorts in order to cool down their crotch. This is because the crotch area is among the heat centers of a human’s body. Thus, reducing its temperature is the quickest way for people to regain their stamina during the fight.

2. Do boxers drink a lot of water?

Yes. Boxers need to take in as much water as possible before and between their fighting rounds. This helps them to stay hydrated and prevent the loss of body moisture due to excessive breathing and sweating.

In Conclusion

Why do boxers spit water out? The answer is crystal clear in this article. We also try to come up with some other good explanations for your practice. If you have any other questions, share them with us. We are always ready to return with the most precise and detailed answers in the next post. 

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